I’m going to keep this pretty brief, because I’m actually just trying to roll out the site; I’ve got a lot to say, but tonight isn’t a very good night to say it. I am a non-op transgender woman–you’d know me better as a shemale, and that’s not a term that I mind. I have been ostracized by a few LGBT communities for using it, but I prefer communication to be.. you know… communication, and that works better when people understand what is being said. Frankly, most people don’t know what “non-op transgender woman” means, but most people do know what “shemale” means.

Anyway, I live in north Mississippi in the United States, and that does make this as difficult as you’d expect. See, I’m still in the process of making the transition; I actually only began the transition last year. Things are complicated, and I lived in denial through most of my life about it. But I’ve finally accepted it, and I made the decision last year to move forward.

And I am asking for help:

Even if this doesn’t help me get the word out and help me pay for it, I still want to have this blog up so that anyone who has to go through this will have it as a guide. So I’ll try to keep things helpful, too.

Anyway, I look forward to continue writing here, and I’ll see you later!



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