Demonized Gamers

I’ve written an article at Cubed3 about how gamers are often demonized by mainstream culture and the mainstream media for using slurs like “fag” and “nigger,” when the reality is that the application of such slurs leaves one to conclude that, far from being homophobic, misogynistic racists, gamers are the most tolerant and accepting people out there. I’ve had countless people react horribly to learning that I’m transgender, but none of them were gamers. I’m not saying that gaming itself is responsible for that openness, but I would venture the postulate that the kind of people who wouldn’t care about such things gravitate toward video games.

The article can be found here:

…and I just want to clarify a few things.

First, I’m neither condoning nor excusing the use of slurs or the hostility that gamers often project. I’m explaining, not rationalizing or excusing. There is enormous difference; explaining why Charles Manson murdered people is not the same as excusing those murders.

Secondly, no, I don’t think gamers are universally wrong to use such words. They can be, though, and I have full appreciation for how damaging such words can be. But it’s not the WORDS that are damaging. It’s the mentality and sociological reality surrounding those words.

Third, I’ve already received the response that “nigger” is a special one, and no one gets to say it. That’s exactly what I rebuke. Fuck that mentality. No word is sacred. And if we’re talking oppression and victimization, I’m sorry, but homosexuals and transgenders have had it worse, since you want to compare such things. I’m sorry, but black Americans were enslaved and oppressed. Homosexuals and transgenders were killed outright–for thousands of years. Both are horrible, and it’s stupid to compare, so don’t try to put one slur above the others. When used as vernaculized hatred, they are all bad.

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