New Patreon Page

Hello, all five of you. 😀

Actually, there are quite a bit more than 5 people coming here, and that’s great; I love it. I hope people are enjoying the content.

Anyway, I officially have a Patreon page, linked above, and it’s mostly set up. However, I’ve put in my Milestones and Rewards multiple times, and the changes simply aren’t saving, even after disabling NoScript & Ghostery, and even after trying a different browser. I’ve contacted Patreon to get that worked out. The short of it is that it would allow me to publish more substantial content more frequently, and supporters would receive content as PDFs and ePUBs via email before they’re published elsewhere, as long as SFW images chronicling my journey, and miscellaneous other things. And, most importantly, the higher milestones allow me to reach out to other people in the south who are transgender and who are struggling just to survive.

The key thing for me is to continue producing content, and to simply have vehicles with which people can pay me for that content if they so choose. Because I don’t think art should be sold. Once artists start selling art, their artistic integrity dies. I write because I want to write, not because I want to sell my writing. I want people to enjoy what I write, and if they want to pay me for that, then I would love that, but there’s a huge difference between selling art and accepting donations for art. The former turns art into a whore, and the artist into a pimp.

I will continue writing and releasing content. Strictly speaking, supporters won’t get exclusive content–they will, in the case of the pics chronicling my journey and the “Private Thoughts” articles, but those were never things that I intended to publish anyway, so I don’t count them. Contributing or not contributing will not affect the content that I release to you, except in those two cases, but, again, they were never meant to be released anyway.

So if you like my content, maybe you’d consider supporting me there. Or Like to my Facebook page over there on the right, or by following this link to to keep up-to-date on the things I do. You can also follow me at Amazon: . Please consider contributing to my GoFundMe page at , or buy my short story for 99 cents, which I would actually prefer to a blanket donation:*Version*=1&*entries*=0 And be sure to Follow me on Twitter to stay even more up-to-date on all the crazy shit I say:, or @Aria_DiMezzo . And you can find me on Tumblr, though that’s really just a way for me to reach a larger audience: . Follow me on OpenCritic for all the awesome games I review, because I’m probably the toughest reviewer out there, and nothing will stop me from reviewing a game honestly: . Alternatively, you could just start visiting Cubed3, where I write weekly gaming articles known as Critical Hit, discussing things like Launch Day DLC, the use of slurs by gamers, re-re-re-re-releases, and other hot topics: .

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