Was it the carrot held before the horse
To beg its walk and make it till the ground?
Was it the rock that stood so firm and sound,
On which was built the life along this course?
Was it anything more than just a force
That pushed on me and left me lying down?
Was it a dream that seemed to leave me bound
Until I waked and left me with remorse?

It could be all or none
It could be life or death
Does it make a diff’rence?
For with the setting Sun,
Memories will be left
Till they fade in distance


Hi. Wanted to take the opportunity of the short post here to ask if you’d checked out my podcasts? Generally, they discuss current events and transgender issues (there is also a feed to the right, over there), but the Soundcloud one also has a bunch of my music on it. If you really like my poetry, articles, and podcasts, you can get access to exclusive content by supporting me on Patreon, in addition to having a direct way to message me and communicate with me. I try not to do all this often, but it does seem to be the trend on Youtube and other podcasts to mention this kind of stuff with each article/episode/etc. I don’t like that, though, because it feels too much like begging. While I would love people’s direct support, I don’t want to beg for it… Then again, people won’t do it if they don’t even know they can, so I try to strike a balance and keep this to a minimum. But your name can also go on the illustrious Wall of Awesome People.

Anyway, thank you for reading. I’m sorry that the sonnet wasn’t in Iambic Pentameter. This was one of my earlier sonnets, and I focused more on the rhyme scheme than I did the meter.

One thought on “Silhouette

  1. In my opinion, things like Iambic Pentatmeter should be optional not required. The important part is to convey what you feel or would like the reader to feel not form. I think with this sonnet you do that very well so don’t apologize for it.

    I have a suggestion in regards to advertising. I mean lets call a horse, a horse should we. That is what you want to do is to advertise what you do elsewhere so people know about it and check it out. I agree doing it every time does comes across as begging. But there are subtle ways of doing it.

    If you go into the WP-admin of your blog there is a section called links. In this section you can create links to other websites such as other sites that you post on. Now once you do that, then click on Appearance and Widgets and place the links widget on your sidebar. I would put it underneath your podcasts. Then you can say something like this at the end of every post: “If you enjoyed reading my post then be sure to check out my podcasts and other work. Links to them can be found on the top right side of this blog”. That way it looks like a signature to your posts instead of advertising.

    The only downside to that is the WordPress Reader. The WordPress Reader is like the McDonalds of blogging. Everyone’s posts look and taste the same on it regardless of what the author does. So people only visiting your blog through the Reader will not see the links and will not know about them. So you might want to change your signature to say “If you enjoyed reading my post then be sure to check out my podcasts and other work. Links to them can be found on the top right side of this blog or by clicking here”. With the word here at the end being a link to your blog. That way the people who read it on the Reader can click on it and see your blog and the links.

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