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I’ve said a lot since the Stossel Debate in support of John McAfee, and I’m going to continue doing so, because there aren’t too many things that are more important than the right of individuals to exist and be who they are. It typically surprises people to learn that I’m a young transgender lesbian and I’m not a liberal, and I could go into a long rant about everything that’s wrong with the left. Indeed, I have done exactly that several times:

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Let’s just say that I can’t be aligned with people who are so narrow-minded.

I’ve talked about why I don’t support Petersen, and I’ve talked about why I don’t support Gary Johnson. Now I want to talk about why I do support John McAfee. While I did touch upon the subject in my First Analysis of the Stossel Debate, and then again in my Analysis of Part Two, there is still so much to say about John McAfee.

During my analysis if the second part of the Libertarian Debate, I said that John McAfee is real, and I meant that in two ways. Obviously, I meant that he is a real Libertarian. We can demonstrate this objectively, and I’ll come back to that. More importantly, I mean that… I don’t know how to say this without talking in cliches. But that’s a real motherfucker. Being a real motherfucker myself, I can see it in his eyes. The moment he speaks, it becomes clear. It’s the difference I’ve talked about before when I got into the fight in the parking lot at the pizza place: we don’t talk shit. We act. And we’re not people to cross, and definitely not people to double cross. It’s hard for me to really explain this without placing myself on the same pedestal, but there is only one way to recognize a real motherfucker, and that’s to be one yourself. If you’re not a real motherfucker, then you won’t comprehend what I mean when I say that McAfee is a real motherfucker.

When I was at a party in the 7th grade, a kid who was 17 pulled out a 9mm and put it to my temple. Then he said, “Get on your knees and beg for your life.”

I told him, “You’re just gonna have to shoot me, because I’m not doing that.”

I was held at gunpoint for a few hours (I no longer remember exactly how long it was, and I suspect my memory has inflated the amount of time it lasted) and had to drive a dude to a different state. But once we reached the interstate, I ordered him to put the gun away, because his life was just as much in my hands as my life was in his. He couldn’t shoot me while we were on the interstate at 75 miles per hour–it would be instant death for us both. And if I thought he was going to shoot me and that I was going to die anyway, a flick of my wrist would kill us both.

He put the gun away.

I’ve been around a couple of times. That’s my point. And I know the look in someone’s face when they’ve been around a couple of times. It’s in how they talk, perhaps. Was McAfee manufacturing drugs in South America? No. Because he wouldn’t lie about it if he was–he’s a freaking Libertarian, and was in a Libertarian Debate. Among the many personal choices he could make for which he wouldn’t be criticized at a Libertarian Debate, manufacturing drugs is one of them. We don’t care about that sort of thing. Wanna cook some meth? More power to you. The fuck do I care if you want to destroy your brain, body, and life? That’s on you, not me. Just don’t use the state to force me to pick up the pieces by incarcerating you, feeding you, clothing you, providing you health care, and all this other shit. Reap your consequences. It truly does not matter to me. But no. If he says he wasn’t manufacturing drugs, then he wasn’t, because there’s no reason for a Libertarian to hide that. He may have been–I’m not speaking definitively–but since I don’t care anyway, it’s a non-issue.

Besides, his story makes far more sense than the notion that he was manufacturing drugs. He fled Belise and returned here penniless. That’s not something that would happen to a drug dealer, because drug dealers at that level always have stashes of cash and drugs. Always. McAfee clearly had no stash. So… C’mon. If I was selling drugs in the order of millions of dollars, the first thing I’d do is hide a duffel bag of heroin and cash somewhere. Every drug dealer would. The events correspond perfectly with McAfee’s claim that he was targeted by the government there for refusing to pay $2.5m in protection fees.

But we don’t care about any of that, do we? We’re Libertarians. We don’t care what he gets up to in his free time.


I’d almost bet that’s a Phillipines-made Firestarter 38 Special. I have one of those, and that looks identical to my 38. Of course, snubnose 38s all kinda look the same, so who knows, but look at those eyes. Yeah. That’s a real motherfucker.

I’d vote for him on that picture alone.

Okay, that’s not true. But still. That picture says quite a lot more than an initial glance would suggest.

On to the Issues

The Libertarian Platform is pretty simple:

People have the right to do whatever they want to do, as long as they don’t forcefully inhibit anyone else’s right to do whatever they want to do.

To return to Johnson, we can immediately spot a violation. Johnson thinks we should be able to force businesses to not act in accordance with their religious beliefs. The Libertarian Party recognizes that it is okay to use force to stop force, of course, but there’s no force here. A business owner saying “You’re not welcome in my store” does not involve force. If the person is told to leave and refuses, then it becomes a matter of trespassing (a violation of private property), and force is a suitable reaction at that point. But the act itself of saying “I don’t want to do business with you” doesn’t involve any force. Johnson’s attempt make it illegal to do that does involve force, and thus is counter to the principles of Liberty:

  • Don’t harm people.
  • Respect private property.
  • Keep your word.

Johnson violates it in two ways. First, he fails to respect the private property of the religious business owners. That property does belong to the person who owns the business, and they therefore have the right to sell it or keep it; they do not have to do anything with it. Johnson disagrees and says it’s okay to force them to sell it. This act of forcing people to do things they don’t want to do is a violation of their sovereignty and thus constitutes harm.

Petersen is pro-life, a position I’ve already dedicated enough time to ripping apart, so I won’t do it again here.

It occurred to me recently that I simply assumed that McAfee was pro-choice when I made a Tweet a few weeks ago, and that it never crossed my mind that he might be pro-life. Everything he said during the Stossel Debate showed unequivocally that he understands Libertarian principles, that he understands and values Liberty, and so I made the leap that he was pro-choice. Unsurprisingly, I was correct. That’s because it’s not hard to figure out what someone’s position will be if you know their principles.

Based on what you know of my principles, what would you say is my position on immigration?

If you said:

Who fucking cares? If they want to come here, then let them come.

… then you’d be correct.

I think it’s fair to say that I understand the principles of Liberty–so much so that I’m an honest-to-god anarchist. The only difference between an anarchist and a Libertarian is that a Libertarian accepts that some state is necessary in order to protect liberty. Being a fan of Rothbard, I dispute that it’s even possible for a state to exist for the purpose of protecting liberty, and I view Libertarianism as the first step on the road to anarchism, just as Pantheism/Agnosticism/Deism are the first steps to atheism.

No, our species is not “spiritually” ready for anarchy. That’s just the reality. At this point in our growth, we are only a century from having 4 year olds being permanently maimed by working in glass blowing factories, only a century or so from Company Stores and coal miners, from Wordsworth’s The Chimney Sweeper, the Chicago Fire that killed so many people because the company didn’t want to pay for fire exits… These are real aspects of our history that we cannot simply forget. We are not ready to unleash the kraken, so to speak. I accept that, and thus I accept that Libertarianism is what’s needed now, not anarchy. We’d only make a mess if we had anarchy today.

No, Anarchy is the goal for the year 2500. Libertarianism is the goal for 2016. We’ve become so dependent on the state that we can’t even fathom the idea that there are other ways of doing things–just view all the “But who will build the roads?” and “Who will build the schools?” questions. People forget that we had these things long before the U.S. government got involved with them. The idea that we can have roads without having the government put a gun to our heads and help itself to our wallet (a tax payment yesterday that I’d forgotten actually overdrafted my account and has left me $71 in the negative… Fucking thanks, Uncle Sam. I really, really needed the money in my account. You know, for food and stuff. Seriously–that was my food my money. I’ll be okay and I’ll come up with something, but that doesn’t change the fact that the government literally just stole money from me and left me unable to even buy food. Moreover, this was so that people can “get back” $3000-$10000 tax “refunds”) is inconceivable to them.

That doctors would obey the Hippocratic Oath without basically being forced to by the state is something they cannot imagine. Yet the Hippocratic Oath predates state interference in health care by centuries. Moreover, it is exactly the interference of the state that is currently allowing doctors to spit on that oath that they took. I have a friend who has a staph infection that needs surgery, and the surgeon refuses to do it because she doesn’t have the money to pay for it. While I wonder how that surgeon will look his kids in the eyes knowing that he is allowing a human being to suffer real physical pain over money, it’s also just a flagrant violation of the oath he took. I’m certainly not saying that he should be forced to do anything he doesn’t want to do, but his feet should still be held to the fire. But they won’t be; they can’t be. Because we accept it as normal. Instead of raging at this surgeon, “How dare you allow a human being to suffer because they lack money! How dare you extort their physical health for money!” we are saying, “Health care is too expensive! We need the government to pay it!”

There’s really nothing more that I can say about John McAfee. The whole thing is really very simple. We know the principles of Liberty (I’ve outlined them above). We know the candidates’ positions. All we have to do is compare their positions to what we would find if we applied the principles to various issues. John McAfee is the only one for whom there is no contradiction, no hypocrisy, and no violation. It is now up to Petersen and Johnson to demonstrate that they are Libertarians, but evidence is to the contrary. This is not a No True Scotsman argument, because the Libertarian platform is set in stone. It’s not really up for debate, and not much of it is open to interpretation. It’s like saying Mormons aren’t really Christians because they don’t actually adhere to the Bible (and they don’t)–it’s not a fallacy to say “These are the principles. People who agree with these principles are x. Therefore, people who don’t agree with these principles are not x.”

We can’t allow people who violate the principles of liberty to claim the Libertarian nomination.

P.S. I’ve seen a lot of people say “But Johnson has done more to advance the cause!” and things like that. Sigh. Don’t be stupid. It doesn’t really matter who has done what to advance the cause. Hitler did a lot to advance the cause of democracy, but I wouldn’t want to nominate him for anything. After all, seeing how bad Hitler was sent a lot of people away from totalitarianism. So by that measurement, it would be good to elect Hitler again, to push even more people toward democracy.

See? That argument just doesn’t hold up. It’s a silly position, made by someone stretching hard to find reasons to support a statist.

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