Beneath the Gaze of an Envious Moon

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If I could find the words5
    to tell this holy goddess
That my soul is hers,
    that she could bear me malice
And I would yet revere
    the ground she walks upon
That I’d go without fear
    into Hell and far beyond
To take her to Eden,
    give her the Forbidden Fruit,
That she would be the reason
    for all that I would do–

But words ever escape,
    fall to nothing in my mind
There are no words as great
    as to do the goddess kind
So imitations fall
    as reflections on this page
Of a desire to call
    the goddess a million ways
And not a single one
    comes close to matching she
Who walks beneath a moon
    that writhes in jealousy

Even the stars above
    stare with envious eyes
At this beautiful dove
    whose radiance lights the sky
She causes wind to blow–
    as each atom that exists
Craves the chance to know,
    and touch this perfect goddess
So the wind has carried
    these lusting elements
Until their hopes were buried
    by her divine radiance

There are still no words
    a mortal could think to use
Whose beauty would match hers,
    even if given by a Muse
Though I shall always try
    to channel her light through
These hollow words of mine
    that I take such care to choose
To show my reverence
    for this unearthly soul
For the holy goddess
    whose heart I long to know.

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