Into Darkness

For a friend who seems to need it.


Could you reach out and grab my hand as you fell past me on your slide,
As you sink more and more along the hopeless spiral that you ride?
Is there a way I could reach you, before you fall into the sea?–
Beyond my reach, you’d kick and scream, giving the lifeguard injury.

I’m sure you see the walls bleeding, the ground shaking, the sky falling,
If I assure you it’s not real, would you hear my desp’rate calling?
Or have you slipped beyond the pale, beyond the rim of reasoning,
Being chased by all the beasts of your fevered imagining?

There is no need to impress me; I’m no one, friend, don’t lie to me
I don’t interpret what I see; I take you as you seem to be.
It’s all okay, we make mistakes; we’ve all been through our hells and fates
What matters is: don’t be afraid, and don’t you bite their silly bait.

Why are you so concerned for me? Though I am thankful for the thought,
I think your time would better be spent analyzing what you’re taught;
I have not doubted I am loved, nor have I knelt and looked above,
And cried out loudly to the sky, “Would person or god tell me why?”

Look to yourself, my falling friend, take care–do not, to others, lend
Your thoughts until you’ve reached the end, have come around the final bend–
And overcome, do not pretend–you’ve clawed your way back out again
Until you rise above the din and your torment is at an end.

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