Preaching to the Choir

The Hillary campaign, taking its cues from Trump (which, in itself, is already a bad sign) has released an Anti-Trump ad. The ad is being praised as proof that Hillary doesn’t intend to be complacent and doesn’t intend to take it easy on Donald Trump. Hillary, with all due respect, you need a new campaign manager. This is the exact same tactic that Rubio, Cruz, Kasich, and all the others tried. You can’t just take Trump’s words and use them against him.

Here is the ad:

I want you, the viewer, to do me a favor. I want you to rewatch that video, but with one difference.

Imagine that it was Donald Trump himself who uploaded it. Yep. These are not statements that Trump is ashamed of. He is proud of them. And the people supporting him are already okay with these statements; they will not be swayed by hearing them again. They heard these statements when Trump said them, they heard these statements when Fox pointed out that Trump said them, and they heard these statements each time when of the other candidates pointed out that Trump said them.

This ad that Hillary’s campaign has paid for and is paying to air is, in fact, free advertising for Donald Trump. This is exactly how he steamrolled his competition. Hillary, you are doing Trump’s advertising for him. Those people are watching this video and clapping and cheering, Hillary.

The amazing thing I noticed when I watched attempted to watch one of the DNC debates is that… everything people said could easily be construed as an attack by someone on the right. Just put the words into Trump’s mouth and add, “Did you know that Sanders said…” to the beginning, and voila–you have an anti-Sanders ad.

Trump’s success is due wholly to the fact that he is not preaching to the choir. Cruz attempted to do so. Cruz’s words and ads on the campaign were designed and implemented specifically to appeal to liberty-leaning Republicans, Constitutionalists, and evangelicals; Cruz’s words were never meant to entice Kasich and Trump supporters to come to his side. Meanwhile, evangelicals and Constitutionalists (and the liberty-leaning Republicans, oxymoronic though that is) bled from Cruz and onto Trump.

We’ve watched this play out for six months. And it can no longer be said that Trump is preaching to the choir of angry white people who are mad at the gays and minorities. How could he be? Did you not hear his position on transgender bathroom usage?

By the way, that is my issue with Caitlyn Jenner right now. She recently made a stink (there is no other way to put it) about how she was going to Trump Tower and going to use the women’s room. She made a big deal out of it, made a video, uploaded it… For what? What was the point of that? What was the message? What was she trying to accomplish? Why was she trying to make an issue out of someone who had explicitly said she could use whatever fucking restroom she wanted? Why is she antagonizing someone in the GOP who is surprisingly cool about the transgender restroom issue? What is she trying to do? What was the goal?

There wasn’t one. She wasn’t trying to accomplish anything, because nothing could have been accomplished by such trite, childish, and petulant behavior. Trump was already effectively an ally–there was literally nothing to be gained. All she was doing was making a lot of noise–a lot of loud, obnoxious, pointless noise, as she desperately tried to look like she was doing something to promote the transgender cause.

That’s my issue with Caitlyn Jenner. She wants to be a transgender activist, but she has no idea the struggles transgender people face. How could she? The media insulated her from criticism. When the transgender restroom issue is up for discussion, what does she do? She goes somewhere that it’s already acceptable for her to use whatever restroom she wants. If she wanted to fight for transgender people, she would have gone to North Carolina and tried to use a women’s room.

It’s like she wants to be Rosa Park, but she doesn’t actually want to insist on staying in her seat. This is shameless, cowardly, and inexcusable behavior. Going to a restroom already open to any transgender person is asinine. Now, if she had gone to a diner in North Carolina and insisted on using the women’s room, even as the police showed up and arrested her,

YES! THEN SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN AN ADVOCATE OF TRANSGENDER RIGHTS. But just showing her ass the way she did? It accomplished nothing.

Fuck off, Caitlyn. You are not a champion of transgender issues, and you are not the face of transgenderism in the United States.

I’m sorry, but I really despise Caitlyn Jenner. Not because she had it easy and didn’t have to worry about things like “How am I supposed to keep a job in the American South while I undergo a transgender transition? How am I supposed to not get killed by drunken, fundamentalist hillbillies? How am I supposed to deal with a family that won’t let me near the nephew that I love very much? How am I supposed to pay for all of this?”

I despise Caitlyn because those are issues that every other transgender person has to deal with–they are real, serious parts of the struggle. They vastly outweigh the emotional struggles, at least for me. I didn’t give a shit about telling my friends and most of my family. They could accept me or not; I honestly didn’t hesitate to tell a single friend. For me, once I accepted that I was transgender, it was a non-issue to tell most people. I realize that’s atypical, but my point is that the other issues vastly outweigh the internal ones.

And Caitlyn knows nothing about these other issues. She was insulated from discrimination and criticism by a liberal media that idolized her and made her the Woman of the Year, which is something that even irritated me, and I agreed adamantly that Caitlyn should have to have been a woman for a year before earning that title. What made Caitlyn more deserving than anyone else? That she did all of this publicly? Don’t be ridiculous–doing it publicly is easy.

Even as I chastise Caitlyn for not going to NC to try to use a restroom, the reality is that she wouldn’t have accomplished anything anyway, because no one would have stood in her way. She’s too famous and too well-known. No worker would have been willing to undergo the media crucifying that would happen to someone who stood in Caitlyn’s way. The diner would be protested and boycotted into oblivion by a nation that was far too “progressive” to tolerate that.



Hillary’s ad does one thing only: it appeals to people who already dislike Trump.

I fail to see the point.

And if that’s her ad strategy going forward, to just repeat back things that Trump has said as though it’s going to hurt him, then she is handing him the presidency. Repeating the tactics of all the fallen politicians laying in the dirt behind Trump is not going to win the race. Those harsh, unapologetic words? That’s exactly what people LIKE about Trump.

And that the Washington Post has written this article saying that it’s proof Hillary isn’t going to pull any punches is ridiculous, and it shows again how badly the media and the establishment have understood this election. I understand their confusion. They study political trends and aggregated election data. According to all of that, Hillary will win handily. Also according to all of that, Trump will never secure the GOP nomination.

I study people. I’m not a psychologist by any means, but I have a damned good understanding of how people work. I don’t give a shit what the political trends suggest. This is why I’ve urged John McAfee (before dropping support for him) not to get caught up in the happy rush of reaching out to all of the Cruz supporters who are suddenly searching Google for “Libertarian Party.” Because I know how people work. These people are just having a knee-jerk reaction to Trump’s victory and to Cruz’s loss. They are, in effect, in the first stage of grief. They will continue moving through the stages, and they will be falling in line behind Trump in two weeks.

Because that’s how people work.

Preaching to the choir (as McAfee essentially did last night in his outreach to Cruz supporters–a video that received views almost entirely from people who already supported McAfee) is not going to defeat Trump. If you want to defeat Trump, you have to understand how people work. Otherwise, Hillary’s supporters are going to erode and drift more and more toward Trump until he’s going to be the clear victor of the general election. How do I know? Because I just spent five months watching that happen with people who were more ideologically opposed to Trump than Hillary is.

People all over the country have been pointing out for months how similar Trump and Hillary are, and the photos abounding across the Internet only highlight that further. Bill Clinton himself advised Trump to run for office, and that seems to be a verified fact. My point is that Rand Paul’s supporters hated Trump far more than most of Hillary’s supporters. Ted Cruz’s supporters hated Trump far more than most of Hillary’s supporters will. Yet both Paul and Cruz’s supporters drifted inexorably toward Trump until he routinely secured more than 50% of the vote–he doubled his support.


Because he wasn’t preaching to the choir.

He was just preaching.

And while I don’t agree with… pretty much anything Trump has to say… that doesn’t change what he has done. He’s not preaching to the choir. He’s preaching to anyone who will listen. Hillary, your ad… is the very example of preaching to the choir that left Rubio, Kasich, Cruz, Paul, Christie, Fiorina, Jeb Bush, and all the others in the dust.

Addition: I didn’t finish my thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner. As I said, none of THAT is my issue. My issue is that despite knowing nothing of the issues ordinary transgender people face, she wants to be a champion of transgender issues. Let me reiterate. Despite knowing nothing about the issues ordinary transgender people face and despite not wanting to do anything to actually advance the transgender cause, Caitlyn wants to be a champion of transgender issues. She has done nothing to help anyone but herself. She has antagonized the LGBT community more than I have (because I have principles, rather than snide arrogance, to justify the shit I say). She had an easy way to fight for the transgender cause. If she wanted to go use a restroom and make a big deal out of it, then there is no excuse for her to not go to North Carolina and attempt it there–in a place where she could actually have fought for transgender equality and accomplished something. Instead, she chose to do something that she knew wouldn’t be contested. What a cowardly, arrogant, sniveling bitch. It’s like Caitlyn wants to be like Rosa Parks, except Caitlyn will only ride a bus if she knows in advance that the bus driver will let her sit where she wants. She should fuck right off.

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