7 thoughts on “What It Feels Like To Be Transgender

    • How did you do that, though? I tried to use the Embed link on Podbean, and I copied that into the WP editor, but it ended up just adding another link to it. :/

      And thank you 😀

        • Hm. Not going back into the Visual Editor evidently made it not work. That’s weird.

          Thanks. 🙂

          Very strange. It works when I do that. Earlier, I posted it into the HTML window, but didn’t go back to the Visual Editor. After I post the embed code and go back to the Visual Editor, it displays properly. As soon as I click Update, though, it wipes it out and leaves only a link.

          • Yeah I can confirm that. On my WordPress.com blog it does as you describe. Looks like WordPress needs to fix up issues on its own site because I don’t have the same problem with my self-hosted blog.

          • All the more reason for me to hurry up and move, then. I’d like to have better stats before moving, but it would be really nice to be able to have that functionality. Not to mention the plugins and being able to edit my own CSS.

          • Yeah, I just like making it into something that reflects me instead of what someone else thinks my blog should look like. Hey by the way I noticed during our conversation, that there is something wrong with your WordPress settings. If I click on your avatar in the conversation window that comes up in the Reader it takes me to a site that no longer exists. 🙁

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