New Video: Forgiving the Devil

This is my best Youtube work so far, by a wide margin, and I think it’s probably second only to The Anvil, in terms of everything I’ve done. The background music, combined with the story itself and how I tell the story… I don’t know. I think it’s pretty good. 🙂

Just do me this favor: watch the first five minutes. If you watch the first five minutes and don’t feel compelled to watch the rest of it, let me know, and I’ll apologize for wasting 5 minutes of your time. But I think, if you watch the first five minutes, you’ll have to finish it.

There are a few other things I’d like to change, but it’s really too late for that. C’est la vie, I guess. I’d love to be able to beep out a few things, and to edit out one other thing that I wasn’t sure about leaving in. I ended up leaving it in (the tangent about serial killers), but I really wish I hadn’t. There was no way to express what I was trying to say without it sounding kinda weird. And it came out sounding very weird.

The video is a brief summary of my upcoming novel Dancing in Hellfire, which is a 100% true story about my childhood, teenage, and adult life–everything except Vegas is included, really.

It’s decidedly less controversial than my last video–I just blocked one of the commenters on that video for irritating the shit out of me. I don’t mind when people say stupid shit and insult me. I really don’t. But when people pull out bullshit three times in a row, and all three times can be proven to be absolute bullshit pulled out of their ass, and all three attempts have clearly been designed to make me look like “the bad guy” (instead of just being an idiot, as most people have accused)… That’s when I block someone.

I think that’s why I blocked him: he was trying to make it out like I have a problem handling criticism, which is a common issue, but the reality of the comment chain is that he wasn’t offering criticism. He first pulled out total bullshit with a Punctuated. For. Emphasis. Statement of:

Produce. Your. Own. Content.

He commented this on a video that contained 16/18 minutes of indisputably original content, and with a Description field filled with links to about a dozen articles, 30~ podcasts, 20~ original songs, and some more stuff. Just absolutely absurd, and clearly bullshit pulled out of his ass rather than offer up valid criticism. He later said that he wasn’t entertained and that my voice was monotonous; the latter is an actual criticism, but the former is irrelevant on a video categorized under News & Politics…

Like I’m not here to entertain you, dude… If you want entertainment, watch my guitar videos. Read my novels. Read my poetry. Listen to my political rants…?

One of those is not like the others.

What an idiot. “I’m gonna comment on this video not tagged under Entertainment and not made with the intention of entertaining, and let the maker know that she sucks because I didn’t find the video entertaining, but only after I accuse her of not making her own content.”

Yep. My inability to handle criticism is clearly the problem here…

I’m going to have to train myself to ignore these people.

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