I’m fighting a war that I know I cannot win.

My entire life has done little more than show me, beyond any reasonable doubt, that I cannot win this war. As always happens, people’s minds are closed to the truth that stares them straight in the face. They don’t want to see it, because they think that they are correct and intelligent–these two ideas become tied together for them until they are unable to say “I was wrong,” because they think that doing so is the equivalent of saying “I’m stupid.”

No matter where you look, you’ll see it. Any time someone disagrees with someone else, it’s merely a matter of time before someone calls the other person stupid, even if all existence is to the contrary. And it’s because they have to think that–they have to think the other person is stupid, because, the way they see it, they are right because they are intelligent, and they are intelligent because they are right. It’s a circular argument. The converse also becomes true: the other person is dumb because they are wrong, and they are wrong because they are dumb.

Look at this post I found today:

Full disclosure: I added the lol.

Full disclosure: I added the lol.

Isn’t it amazing? To give you some context, we know this came from a Sanders supporter. Well, we don’t know that, but we can reasonably assume it, can’t we? He’s explaining why black Americans support Hillary (a tendency not limited to the south, by the way–the American South just happens to be where the highest percentages of black Americans are; it’s not like northern blacks were all for Sanders), and does so insultingly: “They’re uneducated and ill-informed.” Well, we know he’s not a Republican because he accuses the Republicans of being former slave owners (I’d remind this idiot that the Republican Party was the party of Lincoln–you know, the guy who abolished slavery) who want to keep their former slaves stupid. It might also do good to point out to this guy that most humans don’t live to be 160, and that there are no “former slaves” in the United States.

Discarding all that, the underlying mentality is that anyone who supports Hillary must be uneducated and poorly informed. After all, no educated and informed person (such as the poster himself, of course!) could possibly disagree with the poster! Anyone who does disagree must be uneducated, poorly informed, or (as is the case with Republicans, apparently) racists who want to keep the black man down.

All of this bullshit is built from the idea that he is right, that he is intelligent, and therefore that he cannot be wrong. So when he encounters people who disagree, who has to find ways to explain the disagreement. If they’re white, then they’re racists. If they’re black, then they’re uneducated. Need I remind you–this is a Democrat doing this. This is one of the guys advocating “equality” outright waving away everyone who disagrees with him as either racists or uneducated people who are victims of racism. To say this fool sees the world in black and white would be eerily correct.

That is the kind of person who I’m trying to convince is wrong–these people who are literally incapable of hearing what I am saying, whose minds are completely shut to dissenting opinions because a dissenting opinion marks me as an idiot because it’s a dissenting opinion. I’ve run into this countless times, of course, but it’s hitting me pretty hard right now how futile this is.

One thought on “Hopelessness

  1. Maybe its not up to you to win the war at all. You cannot choose for people how they want to see other peoples viewpoint. If they lack confidence in themselves to debate their opinion properly, then there is nothing you can do about that. Better just to move on to people and things where your time and energy is better spent doing something productive. Where can affect change you want. Leave these scared people to their own devices where they might eventually realize that confidence and be able to say they are wrong. Realize that we all have to discover own truth and that is different for each person. In other words figure out they are human beings.

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