Liberal Self-Flaggelation

Hello, and welcome to a new series where we display the true heart of the liberal creed: self-hate. While I’m certainly not conservative, I’m also not liberal; I more or less exist outside of that false dichotomy, and it allows me to look at both liberals and conservatives in somewhat bemused horror. So today we’re going to be looking at what constitutes liberalism–self-hate. It’s rather fascinating, and I hope you enjoy these comments I’ve selected from across the Internet.


Mmm, the self-hate is strong in this one. “I am the deadly virus that is killing the Earth.” I’m not aware of a statement that could possibly demonstrate more self-loathing than this one. It’s worth pointing out to this angst-ridden Emo millennial that we did not, in fact, make this, and that we had very little role in shaping this mess. I will not take responsibility for what my ancestors did, or what people in power were doing around the time that I was born. It would also be worth reminding this self-hating faggot that we are not, in fact, “killing the Earth.” The Earth will be around for billions of years to come, and this person should step down from their high horse–we do not have the power to destroy the planet. We can make it uninhabitable to humans–or at least exceedingly difficult for humans to inhabit–for a few centuries, but… trees will fast reconquer the planet since there will be Tree Food everywhere in the atmosphere and no humans to chop them down. This is a problem that will fix itself.

The Earth is nowhere near dead, dude. Even humans aren’t anywhere near dead. While the latest scientific research (that which is actually credible, not doctored, and not set by a political agenda) suggests we’ll see enormous population declines around 2050, we almost certainly won’t go extinct. Since you’re so intent on calling humans a virus, I’d remind you that nature itself is the immune system, and it’s pretty evident that it’s gearing up.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been reading books about agriculture, water purification, and surviving. There seems to be pretty unanimous agreement that humans aren’t going to change their behavior–what can I say? It’s those same natural processes in action. Stubborness in the face of doom is probably a trait that needs to be weeded out through natural selection. If you stand there crying “Oh, woe is me!” as we run out of drinking water, then you probably deserve to go out with the dodo.

So maybe some self-flaggelation is in order.

liberalStop breeding. We are a pollutant, and you are breeding pollutants.

I actually don’t disagree with what Gunny1 has to say about how nature will fix this problem all by itself, because it will. I simply am amused that such a large part of her comment is dedicated to self-hatred. I’d remind Gunny1 that this makes her a pollutant, as well, but she seems aware of that, hence the term “we.” And that, of course, makes this self-loathing.


Well, shit. That’s not even self-flaggelation. It’s just insane. Forcibly remove people from their HOMES? Charge people $10,000 to visit the Great Barrier Reef? If the world is worried about it, then the world should have to pay–this includes, of course, the people of Australia? You seem to suggest this is everyone else’s problem.

Look, I don’t know the situation with Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. I’m not claiming to–I don’t know anything about. I’ve read that it’s dying, I’ve read that it’s not dying, and it comes back to that problem that nearly every issue humanity faces has: it’s been politicized to the extent that it’s impossible to find out what the truth actually is. We know that people on the right cover up information, doctor evidence, and lie. But we also know that people on the left cover up information, doctor evidence, and lie.

As it happens, that was my official position on climate change for years: I was undecided. Like the Holocaust, propaganda had been mixed with reality to such a degree that finding the truth was impossible. Then a series of NASA photos showing Before and After images made it indisputable that humans could, in fact, have massive consequences on the environment. This doesn’t mean that I think humans are causing climate change–I really don’t give a shit, to be honest.

I mean, it’s just reality. If humans are causing the climate change by thriving, and in so doing create the circumstances where it is impossible for humans to thrive, then the problem will fix itself. In the grand scheme of things, I don’t care if the Great Barrier Reef of Australia survives the process, or if the new Great Barrier Reef of California that forms because of the process survives. Whatever natural wonders there are now, there will be natural wonders after. They’ll just be different. And I really don’t see any point in trying to qualitatively label one as better than another. What I’m saying is–sure, humans left an ugly fucking hole in the ground in Egypt, but we built the beautiful Great Pyramid in doing so.

Life will go on. If nothing else, it will merely be a purge of the stubborn people.

I’m just gonna do my thing and let nature do its thing. And if I can work within nature’s rules, then I’ll be fine. If you can’t… I’m sorry to see you go, but it’s not like it was hard to figure out nature’s rules. Rule 1) Survive. Rule 2) Don’t die. Rule 3) See Rule 1.

fuck the planet

As a free bonus, this almost seems like a conservative response, doesn’t it? “Don’t blame big businesses! Don’t blame corporations! Blame the little people!”

Right, because my throwing a fucking coke can down on the side of the road has absolutely the same consequence as Exxon spilling a shitload of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. My little coke can is every bit as much of the problem as the run-off from factories polluting rivers.

Look, I’m all for businesses doing whatever the fucking hell they want. Again, I really don’t give a shit. The problem, as always, will fix itself. If we support a company that pollutes our fresh drinking water, then we’ll die and the company will stop existing, won’t it? Harsh words, but… that’s just reality. Dressing it up isn’t going to change it–that’s the way the universe works. If you poison yourself, you die. And sure, this is going to have the side effect of killing people who were against the pollution, but the universe isn’t perfect or fair–and you can’t make it fair through legislation. You can’t use laws to make the universe fair.

It’s the responsibility of consumers to not support the polluting assholes by not buying their products. Throwing out a coke can isn’t going to destroy the environment, but buying the products of a company that is destroying the environment will. I’m not disputing that. However, the difference is that you can’t use the state to absolve yourself of responsibility. It is your responsibility to not buy from such companies. It is not your prerogative to elect a state with the responsibility of doing that. You cannot delegate your responsibilities to another.

coke cans

And, obviously, these people are talking about the equivalent of people throwing out coke cans. My carbon footprint? Dude, really? Fuck my carbon footprint. All of the automobiles in the United States aren’t putting out nearly as much carbon as the factories in a single U.S. state. You can drive a Humvee every day, 24 hours a day, and after a year you won’t have come close to the amount of pollution and carbon put out by a single factor in one day of operation. You can shoulder the personal blame for the rise of carbon if you want, which is just self-hate again, but I’m not going to bear the responsibility for something that factories do.

And yeah, I’m gonna be punished by things those factories do. Sure, I get electricity from them anyway, but that’s a failure of government interventionism in the economy curtailing competition. I’ve also taken steps to safeguard myself from the consequences. Every gallon of milk I purchase gets filled with water and stored somewhere–the evidence is almost incontrovertible that by 2050 there will be extraordinary drinking water shortages in the U.S. I’ve got enough water to last me two years, and I’ve got another 30 years to save it up. You worry about your carbon footprint if you want, bruh.

To be totally honest, at this point I’m more or less just sitting back and getting ready to watch the fireworks–they’re going to be something to see. And there’s not a fucking thing I can do to stop any of it, so I feel no guilt whatsoever about sitting back and watching it get flushed down the drain by a cruel natural process that doesn’t give a shit about your laws or personal feelings.

There’s nothing to do at this point but learn to swim. The Promiscuous Gene assures that we’re going to have totally ineffective anti-biotics in just a few more generations. Assuming we don’t fuck off and engineer a super-virus between now and then, we’re going to be out of drinking water by 2050, and people will start dropping like flies. Nations will declare war against one another for drinking water, the United States will conquer Canada (it’s gonna happen…). The writing is on the wall. Deforestation continues in an age where we need to allow trees to thrive, but we can’t have that because we need the farmland because there are seven fucking billion of us. It is over, dude. The jury has rendered their verdict, and the only thing now is for the judge to hand down the sentence.

Learn to swim. I’ll see you down in Arizona Bay.

7 thoughts on “Liberal Self-Flaggelation

  1. End of the world how boring. All this self-hatred trying to prevent something that is going to happen regardless of what I or anybody else does. The only thing that is unknown is how it will happen. Maybe we think we are that awesome that we can decide and effect change to make it happen. In the end it doesn’t matter. When I or anyone else die the world will end and the universe will keep going in some other form. How it happen doesn’t matter. Oh well let the liberals hate themselves and worry the whole trip until they reach the destination. After all that is their choice. Myself I rather enjoy the trip and be surprised by the scenery that goes by me.

    • I don’t really think the world is going to *end*, but I do think it’s going to change rather drastically, and I don’t think the change can be stopped at this point. We’ve proven far too short-sighted as a species. No one ever stopped to ask if it would be a good idea to construct a society that relied so heavily on automobiles. No one ever stopped to ask if it would be a good idea to inject corn into 98% of our food. No one ever stopped to ask if it would be a good idea to inject our kids with vaccinations. We are a remarkably short-sighted species.

      I’m not really sure what’s going to happen or how it’s going to happen, but it’s pretty clear that it’s not going to be pleasant. Regardless of what global temperatures continue to do, the water shortage is going to wipe out loads of humans in a few more decades, and it’s not even a problem we’re *thinking* about, even though we know, beyond any doubt, that it’s going to happen. I suspect that by the year 2100, the population of humans on the Earth will be less than a few hundred million.

      And while I’m not happy about it, I’m just cynical and jaded enough to be firmly convinced that we’re not going to do a damned thing to stop it until it’s waaaaay too late, and then most people will stand around crying “Woe is me!” and “This is YOUR fault!” But I’m gonna be smiling and laughing, because there’s nothing else to be done. I can change my behavior, and could probably do more than I’m already doing, but–“Blue on black, match on a fire, push on a shove–it don’t mean much.”

      • I think you might missed the point I was trying to make. The world is going to end. One of these days me, you and the rest of the population will violate natures rules and the world would come to an end for that person. Regardless if it is do to our short sighted nature or the mind and/or body giving out it will happen.

        Why I find end of the world stuff boring is that I have heard all my life. There is always something we are doing that is to our determent. That we are own worst enemy both as a species and as an individual. Besides the world will change regardless drastically regardless if we are here or not. Just the nature of the universe that things change. When it comes down to it there is nothing we can do because we don’t live in a bubble where only our actions have any effect. There are forces beyond our control or understanding that will affect us. Is it better to worry about that constantly and live a miserable life that reaches the same conclusion or enjoy our life safe in the knowledge that at some point it will end regardless of what we do.

        I do agree with you that when people are faced with the end they will seek sympathy or blame someone other than themselves. Just part of our nature. Always better to get someone else to do the work than do it ourselves.

        But I think that is the best we can do is live by natures rules. Try to survive by anticipating what things we can do something about. In whatever matter that works for us as individuals. Then we can reach the destination with a smile on our faces because we did the best we could do under the circumstances instead of pouting that the ride is over. 😛

    • And I think, realistically, that most people agree–“Fuck it. It’s done now. Let’s just ride the ride, because there’s nothing else we can do.”

      Saying it as bluntly as I did is probably just a matter of self-honesty, and they may just lack the courage to say it. But with so many things primed to go wrong, getting ready to go wrong, and currently going wrong in major ways, it just doesn’t seem like we have what it takes to really change our lifestyles in ways that are necessary to really have a lasting impact. The U.S. Government ruled that every vehicle by 2024 must get like 60 miles per gallon or something. What an absolute joke. It would have been more effective if we simply did nothing, because that would speed up the process by a few more days and get it over with faster.

      I seem to just be in one of “those” moods. I’m sorry. >.<

      • Well I think that does sum it up pretty well. There is nothing that can be done so just enjoy the ride. Don’t worry be happy.

        Say we came up with something that would have an lasting impact for the better, can we be ensured that it would be the case? That nothing would change that? Look at the dinosaurs who had the unfortunate fate they did.

        Sure we can sit here and point fingers and lay blame for the fucked up mess we have right now. But can any of us say with absolute certainty, that if we as a species did things better that life would be better?

        If we are being honest with ourselves then no we cannot. That there are things outside of our control only because we are human beings not Gods. Only thing we can do is say

        “Hey things are really fucked up lets try something different. I don’t know if it will be any better but its a worth try to make things better”

        When it comes down to it, the only thing that I can affect is my actions and affect that I have. If I try what I think is best then I can enjoy the ride. Even if everything ends up being a bigger mess anyway I can enjoy the ride because I did do what I thought was best at the time. That only time I should have regrets is when I didn’t try what I thought was best at the time.

        So no its not about sticking my head in the sand because I cannot undo what it is done or make it better. Just realizing my place in the universe and doing the best I can with what I know. That is all any of us can do and enjoy the ride regardless of where it takes us in the end. Which is usually the same place for all of us, just how we arrive is what changes.

        No need to be sorry about the mood. I enjoyed the discussion and gave me food for thought 🙂

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