As the World Turns

About two weeks ago, my television died.

It had been acting weird for about a month, with the lower half of the screen being noticeably darker than the top half, and I was confident that the reason was overheating. It was actually angled and partially blocking the exhaust vents on my PC, so there was a lot of heat where it was at. When I realized the problem, I immediately resolved it, but the problem persisted, and there was nothing I could do about it. Then I woke up about two weeks ago, and there was no display at all.

Being a reasonably skilled tech person, I disassembled it and began troubleshooting. It didn’t take long to trace the problem to the power supply board, so I called the manufacturer. I was told that I would have to send it to them to have it repaired, something that I’m not willing to do for at least thirty-six reasons. It’s hard to overstate how critical my television is to me. It’s basically the monitor for my television, and damned near everything I do goes through my PC. So being without a television was brutal. I happened to have a 22 inch monitor that I can use in the meantime.

I sourced the board, however, and found that the board alone was $175. Considering I bought the TV on my employee discount at RadioShack when I worked there years ago, I don’t think I paid that much for the whole damned thing. After discussing it for a bit, my colleague and I decided that the best route would be to take it to a service shop that we do a lot of business with. Well, two weeks have passed, and they haven’t even touched the goddamned thing, so they’re clearly not going to. Considering it’s probably just a $3 transistor that blew on it, it’s a goddamned shame, but I’ve little choice but to replace it since I can’t keep this monitor indefinitely (I got it for a client, who I’ve since been feeding bullshit to about it).

Yesterday, my phone began fucking up. I hate the Galaxy S5 so much, and I don’t think I could ever miss a device as much as I miss my S3 loaded with Slimrom.

Then my dog died from an enlarged heart. She wasn’t actually my dog–she was one of the 4 that just kinda stay here with me. They belong to my landlord, and watching him with these dogs is amazing. He dutifully comes out every morning, mixes in a can of wet dog food with a certain amount of dry food, stirs it a bit, and then feeds the dogs, gives them fresh water, etc. Rain, sleet, or snow, every single day. They are remarkably healthy dogs, and probably the most healthy that I’ve ever seen. And though they aren’t my dogs, I usually go out there mid-afternoon and hook them up with some more fresh water, play with them, and pet them a bit.

I can no longer receive calls. I don’t know why. My phone was at 4% when a client called. I went to answer, and my phone immediately died. It took me about three hours of messing with it to get it back on, and it hasn’t been working correctly since. As I said, I can’t receive calls. The screen immediately goes black, and nothing can be done to make it display anything until the call ends.

Today, my gfx card began fucking up. Although I’m not completely sure if it’s the graphics card, or if it’s the game. It could go either way, but it’s probably the gfx card, because this has happened before.

I’m just waiting on my GNX3 to fuck up. It’s bound to be next. Everything else I care about has already fucked up. Either my GNX3 will fuck up, or one of my cats will die. If one of those things is going to happen, then it better be my GNX3. I honestly don’t know how I’ll survive either of these cats dying. Luckily, they’re lazy, happy, and spoiled, so… They don’t seem to be going anywhere.

He just lays there on my speaker... all the time... staring out a window.

He just lays there on my speaker… all the time… staring out a window.

Sitting all prim and proper. :O

Sitting all prim and proper. :O That’s light on the black sheets, not cocaine or something, although some of it might be dust. I don’t know.

My god, look at Rainbow’s face. She’s like “I’m not even going to make eye contact with you.” And she won’t. She never will. She’ll stare at my hand, though, and wonder “Why isn’t that rubbing me? It’s supposed to be rubbing me.” I’d bet my guitar that she’s staring at my hand in that pic.

My Youtube channel is growing, though. And you can download a free book that I wrote here, with no strings attached. 😀

Well, that’s pretty much it. Just a small update on things going on, nothing particularly important, and I can’t bring myself to give a shit today about politics.

I think I’m going back to powder foundation. I’m not sure. I started with powder, then switched to liquid, but just applied powder, and I think I like the way it looks better. It definitely does a better job of smoothing than liquid does. But it’s a lot harder to get even. I suspect that’s probably the key difference between them. Liquid isn’t as effective but is much easier to use.

And I’m torn between blue eyeshadow and charcoal. I like blue better, but it’s harder to use. And I have to remember to look for some pink feathers some time.

I did buy some cute flip-flops last week.

Of course, this was before the cats found them and sharpened their claws on them.

Of course, this was before the cats found them and sharpened their claws on them.

Buying them was really awkward. I’d gone to Wal-Mart to buy a better microphone (one that turned out to not work at all… for real. At all.), and I walked by the shoe aisle and saw these out of the corner of my eye. I knew at a glance they’d fit (when you’re a “male” shopping for female attire, it becomes second nature to be able to glance at something and tell whether or not it will fit, because you can’t stand there studying it in a Mississippi Wal-Mart o_O), so whipped out my phone, started taking pics, and sent them to a friend on Facebook. Just using it as cover in case someone had anything to say (it wouldn’t be the first time). They’re still about a size too big, but they’re fli-flops, so they don’t have to fit exactly right.

The people at the store closest to me pretty much know. One girl does, at the very least, and she’s recommended various things to me multiple times. When I say “closest to me,” I mean it’s basically within vision of my front yard. But she’s never there alone, which would keep things from being awkward, and I hate those kind of stores for that reason. There’s always someone on the makeup aisle. 🙁

Someone told me they’re going to get me something for Father’s Day. He wasn’t being a dick about the transgender thing; that didn’t even cross his mind, I’m sure. He explained that he thinks it’s admirable that I’ve gone this far in my life consciously choosing not to have kids, which is infinitely better than the “fathers” out there who aren’t supporting their kids emotionally or financially, or who think parenting means plopping their kids in front of a television. And, to be fair, that’s exactly why I don’t have kids. I think it’s the responsibility of a parent to spend most of their time raising the kid. Parents in the U.S. seem to look at parenting as a mostly passive affair–the parents do their thing and let it rub off on the kids.

My nephew smarts off a lot to his mom, and then denies that he has an attitude. When my sister was telling me about this, it was so hard not to laugh. For one, I don’t care for the whole “respect your elders!” bullshit, so I don’t care if a kid mouths off to me. Chances are, I deserved it anyway. But the main reason I wanted to laugh is that she seems to think he came up with that all by himself, that “I’m not yelling!” thing. No… No, sis… He learned that from you. All those times you yelled at him angrily, and then he started crying, and he told you that he was crying because you were yelling, and you replied, “I wasn’t yelling…” Yeah. He learned that from you, sis. Whatever behavior you find in your kids that you don’t like, you should look in the mirror to find out how they learned it.

I don’t even yell at my cats anymore, not since I realized that they don’t yell at me. And I don’t think that I’ve ever yelled at a child. To me, everything about me yelling at a child screams back to me, “I’m not doing something right.”

And I don’t want to have to do all that, so I remain childless. And he’s right, there’s no day for people like me who look at child raising as an enormous responsibility and think, “Nah, I don’t think I want to undertake that…” And he’s right that there probably should be, if we’re going to celebrate the deadbeat dads out there.

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