Berning Out

One of the most fascinating aspects of this election has been the speed and totality of Sanders selling out, and his very peculiar way of bowing to the person who rigged the election against him. But it’s not just the Sanders Sell-Out that is fascinating, but that a diehard group of his supporters continue clinging to him as though he’s the bastion of principle and integrity for whom they have been searching. Um…


Quite obviously, he isn’t.

It’s a peculiar day when Ted Cruz shows more principle and integrity than anyone else on the election field, yet that’s pretty much what we’ve seen. Of course, Ron Paul never sold out, never endorsed McCain, never endorsed Romney, and will never endorse Trump, but the millennials don’t seem to have an attention span strong enough to remember that. Hell, judging by the fact that they’re holding onto Sanders as though he’s truly the one who will deliver corruption even as he yields to corruption and endorses the corruption, it’s unlikely that they remember that Sanders himself sold out. Most of them are probably caught in some stage of mental gymnastics that excuse this gross betrayal.

His supporters wanted free education.

They certainly got one.

Granted, they shouldn’t have needed this education. Did they not learn this four years ago, when we watched this very same thing happen to Ron Paul, but on the other side of the aisle? Did they think that the Democratic Establishment would be likelier to yield than the GOP Establishment? Did they go into the Democratic primaries thinking that it would be fair and open, forgetting how rigged the 2012 Republican primaries were, and how the full might of the media machine banded together to crush Ron Paul, but despite that he still performed well–so well that they had to change a long-standing rule specifically to curtail a Ron Paul victory?

There’s certainly something striking about the Sanders supporters walking out of the DNC, just as the Ron Paul supporters walked out of the RNC four years ago.

savageThose who remember four years ago have been amazed at the ease with which Donald Trump took on and destroyed the Republican Establishment. Unfortunately, the Democrats can’t do that, and liberal millennials will find a Trump-esque strategy of outlandish statements will have them ostracized and exiled from their own party. What makes Trump stand out so starkly in the GOP, of course, is that liberalism has conquered the United States. The political correctness and treating everyone like special little snowflakes originated with the Democrat Party, and it spread to the Republican Party. A lot of people would try to argue with that statement, but it’s simply the truth. Where are the Republican Senators and Representatives and presidential candidates standing with Mississippi’s Anti-Gay law, and North Carolina’s fucked up transgender bathroom law? They’re nowhere to be found, because anti-homosexual and anti-transgender positions are crucified nationally.

That’s precisely what’s been so jarring about Trump, is that he eschews political correctness and the liberal faux progressivism at every turn, embracing something more akin to equality than the regressive servitude of minorities that liberals promote. Other Republicans bend over backward to avoid saying that they, like all other human beings, initially judge others (including women) based on their physical appearances, because that liberal denial-of-reality has conquered the United States and even the Republican Party. Trump stands out because he rejects all that. He knows that he, like all other humans, assesses people initially based on their physical appearance.

And if you can honestly say “I don’t find my spouse attractive, but I married him/her anyway,” then feel free to cast the first stone at Trump over that.

Be sure to stone me while you’re at it, because every single girl I’ve ever dated, I initially said “Hello” to because I found her attractive.

Unfortunately, Democrats have built their entire platform around the idea that it’s wrong to even say this, much less to do it. Democrats have built a world where you’re intolerant for saying, “I don’t like gay people, but if they want to be gay, they should be allowed to be gay. I don’t like it, though.” Democrats have built a world where connecting the dots between lots and lots of terrorist attacks and Islam makes one “Islamophobic,” where favoring self-governance, autonomy, and liberal make one xenophobic and isolationist, and where a great deal of facts have to be ignored because they’re simply not convenient to the liberal agenda. What about the fact that most of the world’s Muslims reside in the Middle East and reject the notion of the separation of church and state? Democrats have created a world where we can have no screening process on who can use which bathroom, and where you’re transphobic for even suggesting that a pedophile might use the opportunity to say that he’s transgender and thereby access the women’s restroom.

To be frank, liberals and their delusions–their refusal to recognize facts and reality when those facts are not convenient–have made things far more dangerous than they need to be.

And Trump is the anti-thesis of all that.

I do not support Trump. I don’t even like Trump. I will not vote for Trump, and that will never change. I’m an anarchist. I’m not against the idea of voting as many libertarians and anarchists are–they say that voting is forcing your will onto someone. What? No. That’s only true if you vote for someone who will use force, violence, and coercion. If I choose to shop at Wal-Mart and lots of other people choose to shop at Wal-Mart, and it puts Target out of business, we didn’t force our will onto people. Our actions had consequences, but there is no way to escape consequences in our universe; moreover, “consequences” and “an act of force” are not remotely the same. They are only “forced” to deal with that consequence as much as they are “forced” to deal with the fact that I exist and live. Voting is the same way–we just all have only $1 to spend, and some of us choose to spend that $1 on a company that will use force to do what it wants to do, while others vote for a company that says it will never use force.

No, we are not divorced from the consequences of our votes, and we do bear responsibility for the people we elect. It was not very long ago that I heard someone make the argument that he’s not responsible for the president that he elects, because he only cast one vote. What utter nonsense. That’s like saying that you’re not responsible for burning down a house because you only threw one match, and sixty million other people also threw matches.

Anyway, so I will be voting in this election. But for whom will I vote?

Not Hillary. I would sooner die than vote for Hillary.

Not Trump. I would sooner die than vote for Trump.

If Gary Johnson manages to reach about 40% in major polls, then I will vote for Gary Johnson, and I will do so only in the hope that, by putting him in the oval office, we open the door in the future to elect an actual libertarian instead of a liberty-leaning Republican who doesn’t seem to know what the difference is. And even then, I might not vote for him, because he’s almost identical to Rand Paul, and he’s anything but a libertarian.

mcafeeJohn McAfee is my preference, and I considered voting for him even though he lost the nomination to Johnson. However, I’m not entire convinced that McAfee ever truly wanted to win, and I’m concerned he merely used the debates and contest to drum up media coverage for the tech firm that he has since opened. Hey, Mr. McAfee–I’m a tech chick. And I need a job so I can get the hell out of Mississippi…

I’ve gotten a total of $230 toward that end, but I need $4,000 to be able to safely move away from Mississippi and to a place where I can work and exist in peace without fearing for my life. I’ve written three books in the past year, run an I.T. firm, and do all that I can to make money, but there’s just no money to be made in rural Mississippi. So a few weeks ago, I launched a GoFundMe campaign. If you could take a look at it, share it, maybe even donate, it would be tremendously appreciated.

So I will be voting for myself this year. Aside from McAfee, I’d make a better President than any of them.

What will the millennials and #FeelTheBern #BernieOrBust people do? Why, they’ll do exactly what I said in early June: they’ll go back into hibernation:

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