Projections of Self-Loathing

I am not a psychologist, but I know projection when I see it. It’s not hard to identify, in fact–just check to see if the source of the idea is really the source of the idea.

People need a scapegoat onto whom they can project, because otherwise they have to face the reality that the fucked up ideas and conclusions that they are attributing to other people actually came from within themselves.

In a new low for the Social Justice Warriors out there, Ellen DeGeneres is now being accused of racism.

Yes, seriously.

Ellen DeGeneres–champion of equality for the last few decades.

It’s an interesting conundrum, isn’t it? If you don’t see color, and just photoshop yourself riding your friend’s back, because he’s your friend and the fastest person in the world (in human history with the 100m dash), without giving any thought whatsoever to the skin colors involved, then you are racist if that friend is black and you are white. The implication is clear: you are not allowed to photoshop yourself riding your friend’s back if your friend is black.

This horribly racist thought, of course, is one that the SJW cannot admit came from within. The SJW here hates racism passionately, and can never accept themselves as racist, even though it’s quite obviously racist to say that Ellen photoshopping herself onto her friend’s back is racist because her friend is black. Yet they know that idea is racist.

What is the SJW to do when they put out a racist idea like that?

Blame it on someone else.

Attribute the idea to someone else.

Project it onto someone else, and convince themselves that it didn’t come from themselves; it came from the other person.

The Donald Trump fiasco makes that case even better. Here is Donald Trump’s tweet:


Look carefully for any indication that Trump is saying that his wife is more attractive than Cruz’s wife. Take all the time you need. Inspect it inside and out, go over it with a fine-toothed comb, and leave no letter unturned. Let me know when you find even the smallest indication that Trump said his wife is prettier.

He said no such thing.

He left it to you to draw your own conclusion about what he meant. The conclusion that most people reached is that Trump’s wife is prettier than Cruz’s wife. Even the SJWs came to that conclusion, even as they screamed that we shouldn’t judge a person based on their appearances.

This obviously presented them with a problem.

No one said that Trump’s wife is prettier. They came up with that idea all by themselves, which meant they were the ones who compared the two women, and they were the ones who decided that Trump’s wife looks better. But they absolutely could not admit this idea came from within, because it violated the bullshit that they say all the time, that you shouldn’t judge people based on appearances.

Yet they did so.

They inescapably did so, and they were so convinced of it that they decided it was the only thing that Trump could possibly have meant. Personally, I didn’t take it as a comparison of appearances, but a comparison of behavior. I see a shrieking harpy (almost as ugly as Caitlyn Jenner, though) and an alluring woman. I see a bitter, unhappy, and angry shrew, and I see a sultry temptress. This is similar to attractiveness, granted, but it is not the same thing.

Anyway, they saw an ugly woman and a pretty woman, and they couldn’t accept that idea as coming from themselves. So they attributed to Trump and projected it onto him. They decided that he must have meant what they concluded, that he couldn’t possibly have meant anything else, and they criticized Trump for words that they put into his mouth, and for doing something that, in actuality, they had done, not Trump.

Here we go again.


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