Anarcho-Capitalism: So What is Capitalism?

nb4 a flood of middle class and upper middle class white liberals rush in to tell me how totally wrong I am about the poor…

In full disregard of the fact that I am among the poor. I was born among the poor, and have had to fight tooth and nail for everything I’ve got and everything I’ve accomplished. I’ve been surrounded by the poor my entire life. For more than two decades, I have watched “the poor” in action, and if there is one thing I can say that is almost universally true, it is this:

Being poor is a state of mind.

It is.

Savings is the only thing that can generate wealth. No amount of consumption can ever generate wealth, and savings is pretty much the last priority for the poor, so focused on “now” that they completely neglect “later.” I have seen it my entire life.

It’s not true of everyone.

Sometimes it’s true–sometimes, income is too low. I’ve lived that, as well, and have survived for about a year on roughly $150 a week, pretty much unable to cut anything else out of my expenses. But that is so rarely the case it’s hardly worth mentioning.

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