Jill Stein–Don’t Go There, Girl

In what I consider to be a pretty shocking betrayal of Third Partyism–which is basically the idea that third parties shouldn’t waste time and energy picking at each other and should largely ignore other third parties while targeting the Republicans and Democrats–Jill Stein has made an utterly ignorant remark about Gary Johnson. So here I am again, defending a candidate that I don’t like.

I don’t like Gary Johnson. But when push comes to shove, I have his back.

Is you stupid, Jill?

Is you stupid, Jill?

Jill’s remark isn’t just stupid–it’s short-sighted and ignorant. Gary Johnson said that dealing with climate change is a waste of time, money, and energy because the Earth is doomed and will be destroyed by the sun no matter what we do. The only sensible course of action is to turn our gaze to the stars and focus on colonizing other planets.

Let’s say Jill and her party devote all those resources and somehow “fix” climate change. Great. The sun goes nova and wipes out all life on Earth anyway. Well done, Jill. I think we see that it’s you who doesn’t care about future generations, isn’t it? You short-sightedly want to focus here on Earth and its climate, to fix a temporary problem and divert resources away from the long-term solution. You might save the generation of 2100 from climate change, but you killed the entire species in 2200 when an asteroid collided with the planet, when a gamma ray burst vaporized he planet, or any other number of things that could happen at almost any moment.

Jill, you don’t understand economics. “We can save money by switching to clean energy…” Who is we? If that was the case, we individuals would switch to clean energy, because that is how economics works. Do you mean we could save money if the state provided our energy to us and we were basically feudal serfs? Well, yes, then, I imagine we would save money, since we wouldn’t have any money to lose.

The problem with you socialists, communists, and fascists who crave authority and want the state or some other authoritarian body to solve every problem is that your entire ideology rests on one precept: that the authority is benevolent.

I can’t believe that, more than two centuries after the American Revolution, we are still having a discussion about whether or not governments and authorities are benevolent. I would urge you to look into the Stanford Prison Experiment, where we learned that not only are authority figures not to be trusted, but they have it ingrained in them so deeply that they operate on a different morality code than the people they are safeguarding that the experiment had to be called off.

Yes, that’s certainly what we need: more authority figures, a government with more authority.

The problem I’m seeing, Jill, is that your ideology is so flawed that I wouldn’t know where to begin in ripping it to shreds. It is the most ultra-liberal of all ultra-liberal platforms. It is based entirely on emotion–see her plea above, that Johnson doesn’t care about the next generation? What? It’s demonstrably wrong. Johnson cares not only for the next generation but the fiftieth “next generation.”

I presume Jill Stein would leave us here on Earth under a communistic police state watching the sun go supernova?

Jill, focus your attention on Trump and Hillary. There is nothing to be gained by going after Gary Johnson. I do kind of get where you’re coming from. It’s about legitimacy, isn’t it? Hillary and Trump ignore you. If they said something back, then they would legitimize your presidential candidacy. But they haven’t, and they won’t.

So your turn to Johnson, hoping to get him to say something that will legitimize you as an opponent. I can imagine how frustrated you are, seeing as how the conversation about the presidential debate is fixated solely upon whether Johnson should have been allowed, and absolutely no one is saying that you should have been. So you’re frustrated and acting out, doing anything you can to get a stamp of legitimacy from one of the big opponents.

But relax, Jill.

Your desperation is showing.

And it’s not a good look.

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