Democrats & the Drums of War

How long are we going to continue ignoring the fact that Democrats, led by Hillary Clinton, are clearly beating the drums of war, and clearly have Russia in mind as the enemy? They aren’t even being subtle about it, and in last night’s debate Hillary all but said that she, as President, would absolutely retaliate decisively against state-sponsored hackers in Russia who may or may not exist.

That’s been the Democrats’ refrain for months now. Hackers have pulled back the curtain and have shown us the man standing there, maneuvering levers and talking into a microphone, and the great, green glowing head is shouting at us, “Ignore that man behind the curtain! The dog is out to get you! That damned dog! That dog hates you and wants to see you destroyed!”

Why are we entertaining this absurdity?

I am not arguing for Trump. Statements against Hillary are not statements for Trump, and I am not saying that you should support America’s Great Pumpkin. You should not. But, for fuck’s sake, a vote for Hillary is clearly a vote for war with Russia.

Turn your attention for a moment to the mess in Syria.

Not long ago, the United States finger-quotes-wink-wink “accidentally” wink-wink-finger-quotes bombed Assad’s forces in Syria–forces that just happened to be allied with Russia, thereby violating the Cease Fire we had agreed to–a Cease Fire that basically meant “No one cease firing.” One has to wonder what the United States is even doing involved in this fourteen-way civil war between Assad, several rebel factions, and Isis. Regardless, we’re on the side of the rebels, who we’ve been arming for a long time anyway.

“What? No, we’re neutral. We just gave them a bunch of weapons and stuff. We’re neutral!”

More recently, someone attacked a United Nations humanitarian unit, and, quite naturally, the United States blamed Assad.

Russia denies that either they or Syria attacked the UN Convoy, of course, and, it’s worth remembering, that there has been no investigation. We simply blamed them. That link is from Russia Today, so it’s hardly impartial, but that’s not the point. We say they did, they say they didn’t, and no one has ascertained the truth. It’s also irrelevant.

Russia has also accused the United States of supporting and defending Isis, a claim that isn’t without substantiating evidence.

It doesn’t matter which, if any, of these allegations are true, who is right, or who is wrong. All of that is completely irrelevant. We have two behemoths, each accusing the other of wrongdoing, bearing their teeth, and hostilities are clearly growing. Now we have a presidential candidate making overt threats of retaliation against Russia.


I’m not going to say that it’s been a conspiracy for decades to eventually go to war with Russia, because, again, that’s irrelevant to the issue at hand. The issue at hand is that we have a presidential candidate who comes from a political party that is constantly talking about how evil Russia is, how they are out to get us, and how they are trying to destroy us. The powers that be appear to be doing everything in their power to make you afraid of Russia, to justify a war against them, and this Syria situation is fast looking like a catalyst to exactly that.

We’ve seen this song and dance before, that’s all I’m saying. War with Russia would not be acceptable.

Do not vote for a candidate that apparently wants to give you a war with Russia.

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