Darryl W. Perry Has My Vote For President

I have been intending to write in John McAfee for President and myself for Vice President. Oh, don’t get me wrong–I have no desire, dream, or delusion about ever being the Vice President of the United States. I also have no delusion that my vote makes a damned bit of difference in the process. Even if I wasn’t just one out of some three hundred million people–a single voice lost in a great chorus–my vote would still mean less than the Kleenex I blew my nose into earlier because of the way the system is set up. That’s one of the gripes I have with the stupid shit I posted earlier, in fact–the person talked like our votes actually matter.

They don’t.

Unless you live in a swing state, your vote is wholly and completely irrelevant to the process. The State of Mississippi is going to go for Trump no matter what the fuck I do, and I’m not going to play into an insane fantasy that my vote matters. It doesn’t, and, chances are, neither does yours. Strictly speaking, your vote probably doesn’t matter if you live in a swing state, either.

It’s funny, though, that in the one place where a person’s vote does NOT matter, that insane dipshit I spoke of previously demands you comply with what he/she wants. Even though your vote does matter when it comes to Congressional officials, mayors, governors, state congressional officials, and the like, the person is explicitly not going to give you a hard time for voting third party in those cases. But when your vote doesn’t matter, goddamnit, it belongs to her! Not you! And it is an insult if you don’t march in lockstep.


I’m sorry. I always run the risk of getting off onto a completely different subject than what I intended to discuss, and that fucking faggot who wrote that bullshit I’m talking about makes that chance higher than it normally is. At the risk of having this endorsement backfire, I should also point out that I’m a non-op transsexual. And that person is a faggot, a statement which has nothing to do with orientation, gender, or gender identity. If you demand other people vote for your candidate because otherwise they are heretical traitors, then, yes, you are a faggot.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Darryl Perry would have been my second choice, but my first was John McAfee. I want a libertarian candidate who actually understands, endorses, and stands by the principles of liberty. This candidate is not Gary Johnson or Austin Petersen–who, sadly, were the two top contenders of the primary. I will straight up renounce the Libertarian Party if they ever turn the nomination over to someone who openly rejects the Non-Aggression Principle upon which libertarianism is built.

I like John McAfee quite a lot, and I’m still not absolutely certain, when that moment comes, whether I will write in John McAfee or Darryl Perry. My state is not one of the ones that Darryl is an official write-in candidate for–I’m not sure how that works. I don’t understand why a person has to qualify to be a write-in candidate, but okay.

Isn’t that funny, though? Knowing my vote is completely meaningless and that no one but me will ever give a shit about who I write in, I’m torn on whether to write in John McAfee or Darryl Perry. I am loyal to McAfee, though–going off his own words–I once suspected that he’d used the presidential campaign to boost his return to the I.T. world. This was based on his statements to his business partners that he “couldn’t resist the ride” but was ready to get back to business now that it was over.

Regardless, it’s not like we’re going to put a libertarian in the White House anyway, whether an actual libertarian like Darryl Perry or John McAfee, or a pseudo-libertarianish Republican like Gary Johnson.

I would sooner die than vote for Hillary or Trump, even though my vote is meaningless.

It’s not about whether my vote puts someone in the White House or not. It’s about using my vote–that previous little thing–to reflect my principles and my values and to cast it in a way that I believe would be best for the country. Voting for Trump wouldn’t be just voting for Trump–it would be betraying myself, betraying my principles, and betraying everything that I stand for. Ditto for Hillary.

And ditto for Gary Johnson.

I stand for liberty. I stand for freedom, even if you use that freedom to invent a new rope to hang yourself with. It’s your life, your business. You do you, bruh.

Seeing as Jill Stein has spent the past week on Facebook randomly targeting Gary Johnson, this is why I don’t get her philosophy. Look, if humans are free and use that freedom to destroy their environment to the extent that it cannot support them… then “Oh, well.” If that is the case, then our species clearly isn’t meant to survive. You would turn to authoritarianism “for our own good,” undermining our ability to act in whatever way we think is best. You would arrest us for trying to stick a screwdriver in the electrical outlet to protect us from being harmed–you would harm us to prevent us from being harmed.

If humans use liberty to destroy themselves, then I’m gonna enjoy the ride. I don’t think turning the planet into a prison where we need the state’s permission to do anything is worth the price. You might disagree. Maybe you would rather live out your entire life in a carefully controlled prison. I would not. I’d so much rather go ahead and be killed. You give me the choice between life in prison or death right now, and I’ll choose “death right now” every single time.

I’m almost certain this endorsement has backfired.

But go, Darryl Perry! You almost certainly have my vote, since I can just write in John McAfee as Vice President.

Perry / McAfee 2016

Holy god, what a ticket that would be.

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