Words Are Cheap

Libertarians and anarchists for months have been expressing solidarity with Muslim Americans, promising that we’ll do this or that when or if the time comes, and this is good, but I can’t help but notice how incredibly vague the promises are. Of the many promises that have been made, the only actual Cause/Effect I’ve seen has been that many people have sworn to register as Muslims if the government forces them to. I guess that’s fine, if you want to be a martyr for no reason, but if the government begins rounding up everyone who is registered as a Muslim, then you’ll have accomplished nothing by getting yourself arrested alongside them. On the vague ones, let’s look to the Libertarian Party’s release.

It’s a lot of nothing, a lot of words, a lot of… empty sympathy.

“We’ll speak out against it,” goes the line.

I have to take issue with that. Now is the time for speaking out. If any of these more extreme things come to pass, the time to speak out will have passed, and the time for action will be upon us. As I said, joining a national Muslim registry is well-intentioned, but it will accomplish nothing. If the Frank’s business party–I can’t recall the name–had registered as a Jew to “show solidarity,” then he would have been arrested long before he was, the Franks and… Van somethings… wouldn’t have been able to hide in the attic.

That aside, we’ve seen this play out before. We know how this progresses. Countless times this has played out. The demonization of immigrants, the marginalization of a religious minority, threats of a border wall, tighter immigration control… I’m not at all saying that Trump is “the next Hitler,” as people have been so fond of saying, but if he is, then expressing solidarity and speaking out against him will do nothing to stop him.

Nicholas Sarwark, it’s not politically acceptable. In fact, politically it’s probably a terrible move. It doesn’t matter. This isn’t the time for politics, and it’s not the time to think about the 2020 presidential election. We have a president with enormous amounts of power with a history of not thinking things through, with a history of relying on false evidence and sensationalized bullshit, and he leads a government that has systematically given itself the power to do to us “legally” exactly what we hate Hitler for doing. It’s more than a technicality that FEMA inadvertently gave the President the authority to declare a state of emergency and impose martial law. Presidents in the past have suspended habeus corpus, and HR1955 took away our right to a trial by allowing for American citizens to be indefinitely detained in prison. And, of course, the 2014?NDAA gave the President the power to assassinate American citizens. There is nothing that Hitler did in Germany that our government hasn’t given itself the authority to do.

As I wrote in “The Power Gap,” it is not a question of “if” the government is going to abuse these powers; it’s a question of “when.” Humans have never invented a weapon that we did not use, and no government ever took authority that it did not use. If the government gave itself the authority to impose martial law and put us in “FEMA Camps,” then it’s only a matter of time before it does it. I don’t know if this will be Trump or not, but it’s stupid to think that the President–whoever it will be–is going to announce it beforehand. “Okay, if you guys want to revolt, go for it, because I’m about to impose national martial law, round up all the Muslims, and build the wall to keep you trapped in.”

I’m not being hysterical; I’m being realistic. The day will come. It would be hysterical to suggest that Trump’s recent actions suggest that he’s about to go all Fuhrer on us. I don’t think he is, in fact. But he might–and, if he does, protests won’t work, no matter how vocal they are.

Through the last several years, various protests and demonstrations have demanded the public and government’s attention. Interstates have been shut down, schools have been closed, and people have been killed. Despite these disruptive actions, absolutely nothing has changed, and nothing has been accomplished. Why is this? Because these protests and demonstrations were not undertaken with clearly defined goals. It’s not something that can be compressed into a neat chant of “What do we want?!” “For the First Amendment to be properly abode!”

Unfortunately, the only conceivable “clearly defined goal” in the event of a President Fuhrer, whoever that president is, is full and complete removal of the current administration through force. “Speaking out” simply won’t be enough.

It’s time to draw a line in the sand, and to make it clear that if that line is crossed, we will take up arms and we will revolt and remove the current government. I have no doubt whatsoever that most people in Germany “expressed solidarity” with their Jewish friends and family. I’m sure that many of them told their Jewish friends, “I’ll speak out if they try to do that!”

The stakes will be high; the stakes are high. We must acknowledge that, and we must be ready to act, not with words but with weapons. Is this an anarcho-capitalistic thing to say? I would argue “Yes,” because what we’re discussing is self-defense against a tyrannical government.

If the government imposes a national registry of Muslims, there is only one thing to do.

Take up arms and revolt.

We already know what the next step of that is, and we should not–we must not–allow our government to get anywhere near that next step, because it will already be too late. With the NSA already watching everything–and probably going to be expanded under Trump–and torture probably going to make a public return, with the broad powers at the president’s disposal and his repeated statements and actions against Muslims, a national registry absolutely must not be tolerated. “Registering too” won’t work. Only taking up arms will.

Because the next step along that path is the one at which resistance becomes futile, and that’s especially dangerous given that the United States is the most powerful government in human history. On the world stage, our government far surpasses where Germany was when Hitler began the Holocaust. And stopping Nazi Germany, stopping Hitler, cost millions upon millions of lives while Hitler put people to death by the millions, with his SS rounding up dissenters and ensuring that no one dared speak out. If we reach that point with the American Government, the time for revolution will have already passed, and the only thing we’ll be able to do is wait for the Russians and Chinese to band together and hopefully defeat the Nazi Oceanian Empire.

A national Muslim registry is the last phase of the journey at which armed revolution is still possible.

If that wall goes up, it again becomes impossible. We will need the automatic weapons, drones, SAMs, and other things that will come across the southern border. We’re libertarians! We know that effective arms control requires effective border control! The only way that the UK has kept guns out of its nation is that it is surrounded by ocean, making it impossible to sneak in weapons. We need that southern border open, because if any of what people fear comes to pass, that is the only way we’ll be able to renew munitions. And don’t kid yourself. When push comes to shove, the Canadian government will fall in line immediately behind the United States. Mexico will make a show of doing so–as they’ve done about “controlling emigration.”

These are two things that absolutely must not be allowed under any circumstances. We do not need to be trapped in with a tyrannical government that has an allied government to the north. We will need that escape route for those unwilling or unable to fight, and we will need supplies to resist.

I have no delusion about how all this sounds. Again, I’m not saying any of this is about to happen, or that any of this will be necessary. But if it becomes necessary, we must be ready, and we must be willing to accept the responsibility that will fall to us. The German People were not ready to accept the responsibility that fell onto them.

As the party of liberty, no one else has the moral justification for drawing such a line in the sand.

So draw it.

If the government imposes a national Muslim registry or begins construction of the wall, it means armed revolt.

If the government imposes a national registry of any type or begins construction of a wall that will trap us in, then it means war.

We must be prepared to fight, not speak.


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