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I’m in the process of launching Anarchy Central. I’m doing so for a few different reasons.

For the time being, the site will function as a mirror for my articles here, with some filtering. Things like my Samsung Galaxy S7 Review won’t land on Anarchy Central. And I’ll tone language down considerably (well, I’ll generally remove profanity) before mirroring the article. Non-political writings won’t end up there.

Secondly, it’s my hope that the more inclusive domain name will allow me to recruit contributors more easily, and I’ve already got the page up to do so. I’m particularly seeking AnComs and AnSyns, to balance the anarchist ideologies.

Ultimately, there will be dedicated sections that explain and argue for the various anarchy types, but disputes between them generally will be discouraged; for example, an AnComs article about how AnCaps aren’t real anarchists won’t be published, first of all, and could result in a ban. But I’m not about to go into the rules and terms here.

I’ve got everything needed to set up a BB Forum at, but that’s obviously something that will wait until the site has lots of traffic and contributors.

The primary goal right now is simpler: to have a more palatable and less controversial place to direct people. The alias “Anarchist Shemale” is doing at least as much to hurt as to help. Of course, this will still be my primary site, and nothing here will change; Anarchy Central won’t get exclusive articles or anything. Neither will Anarchy Central be a secondary site, though. It will, however, be community-oriented. That’s the plan, at least. Building a community isn’t easy.

The look and feel of the site isn’t complete. There are not yet any custom images or anything along those lines; I’ve been stuck working directly from my phone, which severely limits what I’m able to do. I’ve not yet set up most of the widgets that I’ll need, or created key pages. But I’m looking forward to doing it.

2 thoughts on “Anarchy Central

    • The stuff I post there will be pretty much the same as what I post here, except without the profanity. Here, in one article I wrote something about “they say ‘nigga,'” while there I would probably change it to “they say the n-word.” I wouldn’t be happy about it, and I won’t be happy to do it, but that sort of thing isn’t going to help me break into any mainstream circles, which is the primary goal and the reason I’m creating a second site, to get away from the more controversial things. But the content itself won’t change. The first article I posted there was the one about how we need to be getting ready for armed revolt, but that we won’t.

      But I’ll definitely stay on guard for that sort of thing. The last thing I want to do is tone down the message. Just the unnecessary controversy. 🙂

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