Refugees & Insanity

Some time ago, I did a podcast where I drew a parallel between the state and its solutions, and a family member’s insistence that I could fix damage done to my hair by shampoo with leave-in conditioner. Though that podcast is now gone, because I’ve let my podcasts lapse intentionally, I want to talk about the “refugee crisis” and the obvious fact that if the United States wasn’t going around creating refugees, then we wouldn’t even be discussing what we need to do about those refugees.

Before I get into that, I’ve already addressed the Syrian Refugee problem, because I was asked on one of my Youtube videos how liberty addresses it. There’s no music or anything annoying like that (other than me–lol) in this video, and I’ll summarize it below.

Handling Syrian Refugees

Basically, “the government” shouldn’t be providing food, shelter, clothing, and medical care to anyone, whether they are American citizens, immigrants, or refugees. This isn’t a job for the American Government to do; it’s a job for American citizens. If you want to open up your home to refugees, pay their way into the country, and then provide them with food and shelter, then that’s your right. If you own an apartment complex and want to provide free housing to these refugees, that is your right. You do not have the right to take money out of my purse and use it to appease your conscience.

It’s actually rather simple, isn’t it? We’ve just gotten so confused about the role of government and its place in American society that the simple question of “Okay, smart ass, how does ‘liberty’ address the refugee crisis?” seems like a Checkmate Question, when it’s actually addressed rather easily.

It would, of course, be your responsibility, before paying for someone to enter the country and providing for them, to verify that they weren’t psychotic criminals. If this person that you brought into the country and have been supporting goes on to commit a crime, then you obviously bear some responsibility for that. It is your job to properly vet people before you take them in and begin supporting them; if that person goes on to murder people, then you helped make that happen and will have to be brought on trial. In such an event, you should be able to show that you did everything reasonable to verify the person wasn’t a lunatic.

We Have Refugees; Now What?

This is the question that Americans are asking themselves. What do we do about the refugees?

Allow me to tentatively offer the suggestion that we…

Stop making refugees.

It was rather jarring to see the list of 7 countries from whom we would not take refugees–the Trumpster’s now-legendary Travel Ban–because it was basically a “list of countries we’ve recently been at war with or have campaigned hard to start a war with.” In fact, the list is so transparently what-I-just-quoted that I am now, from memory, going to address all seven of them, though I’ve only twice even seen the list.

Libya. I vividly recall in winter of 2011 or 2012 that Obama was considering implementing a No Fly Zone over Libya, and I remember telling people that it was a precursor to war, and that we would inevitably have boots on the ground. The United States is simply involved in too many wars and foreign countries for me to remember everything, but we did destabilize the region, remove Gadhafi, and generally cause a disaster.

Iraq. Derp.

Iran. Remember the Wile E. Coyote cartoon bomb that Netanyahu showed before the United Nations, warning that Iran was going to have nuclear weapon capabilities? This beating of the war drums with Iran has been going on since I delivered pizzas, so it began at least around 2005, and it’s only paused for a few months here and there. Otherwise, it’s been a steady stream of how we need to invade this stable Middle Eastern country that hasn’t initiated a war since the 18th century.

Syria. Herpa derpa derpa derp.

Yemen. My expertise on the Yemen affair is limited, and other people in the liberty movement have followed it much more closely than I have. If I recall correctly, we are basically doing in Yemen the same thing we did in Syria, allying with what amounts to an invasion force to overthrow the Kurds…? I think. Something like that. Regardless of the specifics, we shouldn’t be doing it.

Here I had to google the other 2. I want to add Afghanistan, but that only gives me one more anyway. If I spent an hour or so thinking about it, I’m sure I could think of them, but in the interest of doing things today and being honest, I simply looked it up.

Somalia. Oh, yeah. Can’t believe I forgot this one. This fell apart in 1991, when I was in kindergarten, so I don’t know the details. I would look them up, but it’s not terribly important at the moment.

Sudan. This situation is largely the fault of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, though how much of that information is reliable and how much isn’t is unknown. However, there is a money trail that shows the Clintons routinely backed warlords fighting for control of the country, thereby exacerbating the problem.

These seven of the countries from which we will not accept refugees are the seven countries we’ve spent the last decade making refugees in. It’s like if I decided to burn down seven streets in my neighborhood, and then proclaimed that I would not take in any homeless people from those seven streets.

But instead of, I don’t know, ceasing to make refugees in these countries, we instead seem to find the better solution to be telling these people in countries that we’ve decimated that we’re not going to bear any of the consequences for how we sank their countries into civil wars and depressions that are unlikely to end for decades to come.

Shampoo & Leave-In Conditioner

Before getting my haircut a few months ago, it was prudent to use some hardcore dry scalp shampoo. I’ve tried everything, from OTC stuff to prescription shampoo that cost $45 a bottle. Nothing has worked. Head & Shoulders worked once, for one single, glorious day, but never worked again. It’s usually not noticeable or a problem, but when I go to get my hair cut, it is.

It fried my hair. To avoid a long and unnecessary tangent, I don’t generally use shampoos or conditioners in my hair. People say this means my hair is dirty. That’s stupid. Putting a bunch of chemicals in your hair is what makes it dirty. Using H2O to clean your hair is what makes it clean. The entire point of Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioners is to leave chemicals in your hair, coating your hair with chemicals that make it sleek, shiny, bouncy, or whatever. By what definition is coating your hair in chemicals cleaning it?

Anyway, when I remarked about this to my grandmother and proclaimed that I was never going to use it again, she brought me a bottle of Leave-In conditioner and suggested that I use it. That was, as she said, the ideal solution. To repair the damage that the first set of chemicals does to my hair, I need to use a second set of chemicals. I was shocked by the insanity of it, because the obvious solution is obvious: stop using the first set of chemicals.

Yet this is what we come to over and over in American Society. The government does something and it screws things up. So rather than telling the government to stop screwing things up, we let it do some other thing that is supposed to fix the screw up from the first thing. This, of course, invariably involves another screw up, meaning that they have to do a third thing to fix the screw up from the second thing.

I’m sure we’ve all seen the skits where someone just trying to help makes a bad situation worse. I can’t think of a specific example, but let’s say that you asked me to fix an electrical short in your house. Oops! I screwed up and burned your house down. That’s okay, because I’m going to rebuild your house. While rebuilding your house, I manage to accidentally shoot you in the knee with a nail gun. Oops! That’s okay, I’m going to take a pair of pliers and remove the nail from your knee. Oops! I crippled you for life.

At some point, isn’t it prudent to tell me, in the above scenario, to go away? This is what our government does. This is the government’s modus operandi, and it has been doing it for well over a century, and the issue became much worse than ever during FDR’s New Deal. It screws up everything that it tries to do, and then, when it attempts to fix the first screw up, it always manages to screw up again. Bless its heart for its effort, I guess, but at some point we have to stop letting the clumsy idiot try to fix the short in the wiring.

It’s not helping, and it always takes a bad situation and makes it worse.

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