The One About the CIA

For years, libertarians have been warning of the dangers posed by spy agencies and government secrets, the dangers of a powerful central government, and the threat posed by the destruction of checks and balances. When the news peddled the story that the U.S. intelligence agencies–freaking seventeen of them–concurred that Russians were behind the DNC Leaks, libertarians cautiously requested evidence.

This is, of course, the same CIA that notoriously met with Obama Bin Laden while he was hospitalized, the same CIA that has initiated coups and revolutions throughout the world, the same CIA that lied about Iraq, the same CIA that headed Project MK-ULTRA, the same CIA that planned Operation Norwood, and the same CIA that gave syphilis to black Americans in the south. The same CIA that told us to expect this sort of thing in Afghanistan:

Caution: may not be remotely representative of reality.

These people cannot be trusted. It is a documented fact that they have not merely kidnapped, tortured, and experimented on innocent American citizens, but they have also lied to the President, to Congress, and to the American people. They lied about the NSA, lied about torture, lied about surveillance, lied about Iraq.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. They’re spies. No matter how we whitewash it, assuming false identities, using deception, and infiltrating are all lies. This is an agency filled with people who have literally been trained to lie however much is necessary to accomplish their objective. It’s what they do. They lie.

We can have a discussion about whether or not it’s actually necessary to have a spy agency. I don’t think it is. Even if we kept the state in a libertarian society, we wouldn’t need a spy agency, because we wouldn’t be making enemies of everyone. I don’t need to spy on my next door neighbor, after all. And why don’t I? Because I’m not enemies with him and I’m not antagonizing him. He’s simply a neighbor. Neither does he have any reason to spy on me. This same logic applies to nations, too. Just as my neighbor wouldn’t attack me while motivated by jealousy, requiring me to spy on him to prevent it, neither would other nations, and the idea that they would stems from the proven false idea that other people are jealous of our “freedoms.”

But if we’re going to have a group of people whose only job is to lie to accomplish their goals, then it’s supremely important that they be under constant oversight. We can’t trust them when they tell us something, because they lie. They’ve already developed a history of lying to Congress and the American People, but even without that long history of deception it would be stupid, reckless, and naive to assume that we were the only people these trained liars weren’t lying to.

They’re trained to tell whatever lie is necessary to accomplish their objective. What is their objective? On paper, it’s the protection of the American People. In practice, however, we can see from just two examples that this is not their objective. Project MK-ULTRA (which, yes, actually happened) and Operation Norwood leave it indisputable that they are willing to torture and kill American citizens in pursuit of their objective. It goes without saying that if my plan doesn’t preclude the possibility of killing you, then my objective clearly isn’t to protect you.

Operation Norwood was a planned false flag attack where CIA agents were going to carry out attacks in Miami against the American People and blame them on Cuba, in order to justify an invasion of Cuba. Once again, it’s obvious that their objective wasn’t to protect the American People; their objective was to justify a war with Cuba, and they were willing to kill Americans to do it. Thankfully, Kennedy rejected the plan, but that doesn’t change the reality that clearly the CIA’s objective can’t be to protect Americans.

Some people would make a “for the greater good” argument here, but it’s easily dealt with. Even if this was the case, killing some Americans to justify a war wherein more Americans die in order to more firmly entrench America’s place at the top of the world isn’t “protecting Americans.” It’s sacrificing some Americans to justify a war where more Americans are sacrificed to secure the superior position of some Americans. While I sincerely doubt anyone would support such a sick idea, at best it means that the CIA’s objective is to kill some Americans to help other Americans.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think we need a government to be doing that sort of thing.

Who is sacrificed? The poor. The lower and middle class, of course. And that’s just from the false flag attacks themselves. Once the war is under way and Cuban missiles hit American shores and American soldiers die invading Cuba, who eats the losses? Again, the poor and middle class. Who benefits from these sacrifices?

The politicians who get to grab more power through more Patriot Acts. The CIA who gets more power and secrecy, and the literal power over life and death. Upper class munitions makers and CEOs who make money from war. War, after all, is a racket.

Is that the CIA’s objective? To sacrifice the American poor and middle class in the name of war and American hegemony that enriches the ruling class?

Um… Yeah, pretty much.

If the CIA’s objective was to protect American citizens, then they’d do that. Things like Project MK-ULTRA would never even be considered, much less executed. They would never lie to the body of citizens allegedly sworn to hold the CIA accountable. But they do lie to Congress. In fact, evidence suggests that Congress doesn’t know much more about what the CIA is up to than we do.

So who is in charge? Who is holding the CIA’s feet to the fire and ensuring that their mission statement of protecting the American People doesn’t twist into “protect some people at the expense of others”?

No one.

No one is holding the CIA accountable. This is America! And we have an unaccountable spy agency with a history of lying to us and it’s overseers while it operates in nearly total secrecy. And its own history shows that it considers it perfectly okay to torture and kill some Americans in pursuit of its objective. An extremely powerful group of professional liars who operate with very little oversight and have gotten away with kidnapping, torture, murder, and conspiracy to commit terrorism. That’s not hyperbole. That’s an examination of the facts.

The CIA must be abolished.

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