Your Chance to Win 10 Blackcoins

Win 10 Blackcoin!

I’m currently running a challenge where the winner will receive 10 Blackcoin (BLK). Granted, that’s just over $2 right now, but Bitcoin also used to be 20 cents each, and I’ll point out that, being the first 100% Proof of Stake coin, Blackcoin stands excellent chances of climbing very high. Hold onto them for five years and that may be a $500 reward. Or it may still be $2, no one knows.


Whoever makes the best photoshop of Augustus Invictus in an extremely compromising position wins. “Best” is completely subjective, and I couldn’t tell you what criteria I would find “best.” Something like Augustus giving head to a goat, making out with the Crying Nazi, or something like that. Bonus points if he’s making out with the Crying Nazi and they’re both dressed like the Village People. Be creative.

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