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For the time being, both my podcasts and videos are on hiatus. Podcasts are indefinitely on hold; video output has dropped substantially.

Cryptocurrency Check – CryptoCheck / Cryptocurrency Check is my latest project to solve a problem I’ve talked about recently: an overabundance of shitcoins and scamcoins. It is still in its infancy, but coming along nicely. It aims to be the primary source of information for all things crypto, put in a way that ordinary people can understand, as a response to the growing technicality and use of jargon among sites like

Anarchy Central – An alternative site I created to have something away from the controversial alias.

Download a free book I wrote. Yes, really. Free. No strings attached.

Click HERE to download the free book as an ePUB (better for tablets/phones).


Incredible Online Library:

Podcast – Rantings & Ravings of the Anarchist Shemale: Indefinite hiatus; removed.

Murray Rothbard’s Anatomy of the State

Original Music:


“Dead or Alive” (Story):



Cubed3: No longer affiliated.

Amazon Author Page:

QR Code Generator – What I use to generate QR Codes for articles.


As you can see, I get up to quite a lot. This website basically serves as the nexus for the stuff I create, as every new song, video, etc. gets an accompanying article here, so if you like my content the easiest way to keep track of it is to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or here.