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A Study on Mob Behavior

The week has been interesting.

For those unaware, I posted a video heavily criticizing the Liberal Redneck Trae Crowder for being a disrespectful bigot and racist. Before you click Play, I’m gonna go ahead and warn you: if you’re okay with insulting Christians, or you’re okay with being racist against white people, then you’re not going to like what I have to say, and trust me when I tell you that you’ll be happier if you just don’t watch the video.

However, if your mind is truly open and not chained to one ideology or another, then you’ll probably like the video, because… well, everything I said is irrefutable. The only point of contention is that I was disrespectful of Trae, and that’s a valid point except for one consideration: Trae and like-minded people (liberals and “progressives”) have power and authority. I don’t, and neither do American conservatives. A member of a majority openly disrespecting and being bigoted of a minority is a very different thing from a member of a powerless minority being disrespectful and bigoted, and a very different thing from someone who is a minority of one being disrespectful. The balance of power is a supremely important consideration, and there is no doubt that the coalition of blacks, hispanics, LGBT, millennials, etc. that is the Democratic Party/Liberal union is tremendously more powerful than conservative Christians. Trae himself acknowledges it: “This is our world now, and you’re not getting it back.”

He’s not wrong. It is “our” world now, and conservatives are not going to get it back. And that’s my problem with his disrespect and bigotry against them. This is our world; i.e., we are the ones in power. It is absolutely, unequivocally, and indisputably our responsibility to protect the rights of the minority, no matter how much we disagree with them. No matter how disrespectful they are, we are the people in power, and thus the onus is upon us to respect them, because they lack the means to fight for respect.

It is well recognized throughout human history and Western Society that is the responsibility of a majority to care for and protect the rights of a minority. This is the year 2016–I should not have to explain this. I don’t care how disrespectful the minority is. They are a minority. They are outnumbered. They lack power. If we fail to respect them, then they are oppressed–by definition, because that’s what oppression is. What we are seeing is nothing more than the tyranny of the majority over the minority, and it is being done solely on the basis that these people have different beliefs.

I can’t believe I’m having to point out that this is wrong. It was wrong when they were the majority, and it’s wrong now that you are the majority. Oppression is always wrong. And if the majority group, if the group in power, is not respecting the rights of the minority, is not acknowledging the relevance of the minority’s dissenting opinions and beliefs, then the minority is, by the very definition, being oppressed, marginalized, and discriminated against. That this has to be said… is horrifying. Everyone should know this. It should be a given.

Have people simply not realized that conservative Christians are the new minority? The other night someone commented about how marginalized LGBT people are in the United States. What? Are you kidding me? Marginalized? Our issues take center stage. We get whatever we want, and conservatives get nothing. No one is allowed to stand against us. No one is allowed to stand against us. We, this group that represents only FOUR PERCENT OF THE POPULATION according to the latest data, have almost unfettered power to push our agenda. We have far, far more power than conservatives. We are Mike Tyson, and they are infants.

We have this power because we allied with women. This immediately severed their majority, which was once based on race. There’s no doubt about it–it once was based on race; it was a white majority. That died with the Feminist Movement, and women fled the Republican Party en masse to the Democrat Party. Black people vote with the Democrat Party somewhere between 80 and 95% of the time. That’s an extraordinary majority. Consider that at best 50% of white men are conservative, and it shouldn’t be hard for you to do the math.

There’s a reason no one is talking about it. And it’s because it shatters the idea that you’re oppressed, and the liberal agenda needs that. They did this shit consciously, and Republicans pointed it out decades ago. They pandered. They didn’t offer equality. They offered benefits. To all of us. And benefits are tempting, and we were tempted. We were systematically recruited and used by the liberal authoritarian agenda that is best represented by Bernie Sanders–let there be no doubt. His sudden appearance as a Democrat is not coincidence.

If even 50% of white men are conservatives, they are still vastly outnumbered by the women to whom Democrats promised benefits, disguising them as “equality.” The reason this distinction matters is because benefits don’t promote equality–they continue divisiveness, but shift the balance of power. One example: LGBT people wanted equality. Now you can receive a government grant to go to college just for being LGBT. This, by definition, means that being straight disqualifies you for that scholarship. It is inherently divisive. It continues the group-based division of benefits, and brings us no nearer to equality. It only shifts the balance of power. It only changes who benefits from the imbalance. The imbalance remains. The bigotry remains. The only thing that changes… is who is the victim.

Open your eyes.

The problem is that we divide the world into terms of Us and Them. As I wrote in the last article, “Them” isn’t really the problem. Identifying too strongly with Us is the problem, because it starts to demand our loyalty, our obedience, and our conformity. We can no longer think of individuals and break away from the group; we have to think like the group, go along with the group, and do as the group does. If we don’t…

Well, just see the comments I received on that video.

Belonging to that group shackles your mind. It forces you to conform at all cost, no matter how fucked up the group’s behavior is. You’re not allowed to think differently. And if you do think differently, you better keep it to yourself, because the mob will turn on you instantly, and if we have learned anything in these 7000 years of society, it is that the mob is vicious.

Please watch that video. “Conformity” by TheraminTrees. It is exceptional, and it is the reason that I see what I see now. And there can be very little doubt that what I see… is what is.

As I titled the post, I have been vindicated. I am speaking largely about this podcast:


…wherein I discussed the mob mentality, and the motivations behind the comments that I was receiving. I discussed how they viewed the entire world as consisting of triangles and circles, and how they literally couldn’t understand that I’m neither a triangle nor a circle–I’m a square. Their minds are so shackled by the mob mentality, by the Us And Them bullshit, by the false dichotomies… that they are incapable of understanding the obvious fact that I am neither a circle nor a triangle.

Whose side are you on?

That’s the most recent comment to my video. It is an absolute vindication of everything that I have said. It is a thorough vindication of the video itself, and it is an absolute vindication of my assessment of the comments, the mob mentality, and their infantile, limited, and narrow worldview that shoved everyone into one of two groups: us… and them…, and fell into a group that demanded such loyalty, conformity, and obedience that they have become incapable of entertaining any idea that goes against the group.

They must break their minds free of those chains. They simply must.

Do not conform.

Think for yourself.

Question authority.

Gender Dysphoria & Identity

Because I've nothing to hide.

Because I’ve nothing to hide.

A few nights ago, a guy asked me if it brings me into a dysphoric state to play with my penis. This isn’t the first time this guy made me think that he was interpreting me through the lenses of other people, not at face value, because at this point he knew several things I’d told him.

First, he was well aware of my love for shemales. I believe I called them “the most beautiful creatures on the planet.”

I think, though I’m certainly no expert, that Dysphoria isn’t going to be a problem for me, because I don’t see any disparity between what I am and what I want to be. Those who want vaginas could certainly experience Dysphoria* by having their penis pleasured, but I’m perfectly fine with my penis–

Because I’m into women. And I know that he isn’t listening to me here (nothing like being ignored to make you feel like a woman!), because he doesn’t seem at all to understand what I mean when I say I’m interested in trying things, that I’m not committed, and that I’m not interested in committing to anything. He’s asked me twice now if I’m interested in pursuing something beyond a single encounter, and I’ve lost patience for answering that.

Anyway, my penis is rather useful to have when it comes to women, and what I’ve got going on is a combination of several things. Although I’ve said that shemales are the most beautiful people on the planet, the most beautiful act is two women in love, kissing. There’s nothing sexual about this statement; I simply find it to be of unrivalled beauty.

What genitals a person has doesn’t affect their gender all that much to me, and I’ve got a bit of an ass fetish anyway. Strangely, or perhaps this is the most normal thing yet, this is unequivocally only women that this “fetish” applies to. I’m just not interested in what I’m not interested in.

Yeah, my gender identity and sexual preferences are complicated. Who cares? I think anyone who is truly honest with themselves will find their own to be just as complex. Reducing gender to a function of genitalia and sexual preferences to restricting labels like homosexual and heterosexual is, to me, the strange thing. I’m a shemale lesbian with exactly the right preferences to be drawn toward other shemales, and I’m okay with that. I’m perfectly okay with that. In fact, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I think people get too hung up on labels, and we’re definitely too caught up in binary thinking to always express ourselves within its confines. In the eyes of the male/female people who accept only heterosexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality, what am I? To them, I am an anomaly, a freak, falling outside the system of labels and categories. Since I am just as real and just as relevant as anyone else, what is to be done?

The system must be expanded. Gender is no longer a binary thing. A person is no longer simply male or simply female, which is terrific because this silly characteristic has divided and harmed our species far too much already.

What bathroom shall I use, people of the internet? Very soon my state ID will list “female” under sex–should I use the female restroom? I am interested in women, of course; how would they know that I’m not sneaking peeks (I wouldn’t be, of course, but that’s not the point)? Would they be comfortable with my presence in the restroom? If not, would they be comfortable with the presence of a more typical lesbian? Whose responsibility is it to adjust? Would it be suitable for them to make lesbians use a different restroom?

Maybe bathrooms should be divided along lines of attraction rather than gender. This doesn’t work, either, though: You can’t send lesbians into bathrooms with straight men. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. Nor would I want to be in the bathroom alongside a bunch of men who would, more often than not, find me to some degree attractive and would likely turn leering gazes onto me, even if safely wasn’t an issue. And safety is an issue. Within days, rape reports would begin rolling in, and we all know that to be true; you just can’t pull a woman’s pants down to her ankles in a room full of guys attracted to women, even if a stall somewhat protects her. It’d be a disaster.

Should bathrooms be unisex? Should there be a unisex bathroom in addition to the gender-specific ones? If so, how is this different from when whites made blacks use different restrooms? Maybe there should be bathrooms for straight men, gay men, straight women, and gay women? No, we all just recoiled in disgust at the question.

What do we do, now that the ancient restrictions on our species superimposed by religious institutions are being destroyed? What do we do, now that gender is no longer either/or? What do we do when the man peeing next to you may be licking his lips and staring (which doesn’t happen, but some straight people do worry about it)? Maybe we should just accept that the basic human need to exercise these bodily functions in fact transcends the discussion entirely, and that the important thing is simply that you have to pee, not what genitalia you’re peeing out of.

These questions may seem silly, but they’re anything but. These questions are critical. Our society is being forced to reexamine its binary systems and expand them. The impact of the next few years will be tremendous, as our entire species is slowly crawling out from under the oppressive rock of a limited binary system. Nothing has changed with the people themselves. I’d still be me if I’d lived two thousand years ago; the difference is that I would have been put to death. Gay people have also existed for as long as the species has. Again, they were simply called perverts, cretins, degenerates, and executed for the crime of being gay.

Now society can’t simply kill us. That “fall of society” and “end of morality” the religious right screams about? That’s them losing the ability to outright kill us. Only the religious mind could view tolerance replacing murder as a decline in moral standards.

So I’m a shemale lesbian who prefers other shemales. I exist. How you deal with that, Society, is up to you, and I’m certainly willing to ease you into having your collective mind expanded beyond the confines of a binary system. But I do exist, and I will continue to exist, and so will others. The binary system is obsolete, deprecated, and irrelevant. We are as we are, and we deal not in absolutes, dualities, and false dichotomies; we deal in individuality, infinite subtlety and complexity, and an endless spectrum.

I do hate continually plugging this, but it’s a serious issue for me. My new novel is coming along very quickly (about 20% written in about two weeks), and I’m still looking for an agent for my last novel; I’m writing for Cubed3 and trying to expand there. But once it becomes impossible for me to disguise myself as a male, it’s going to be very difficult, and impossible for a few months, to find employment. Any help you could provide, such as sharing the page, would be infinitely appreciated. Thank you all for all you’ve done already:


* This is by no means the only possible source of dysphoria for people, and I didn’t mean to imply that it was. What I meant was that if I wanted a vagina, I would certainly experience dysphoria when it came to my penis. But I don’t identify a woman as “someone who has a vagina,” so that entire line of thought is pretty irrelevant to my case. That’s all I meant.